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for A night to Remember

2/4 c4 Luvreading67
If Bella is only nearly 18, Josh is nearly 5 he can’t be her child, can he, that would make her only 13? When he was born, there is more to that story
2/4 c2 Luvreading67
Paparazzi...the scourge of the “ entertainment world”. Nothing private,,ever
2/4 c1 Luvreading67
It’s a great start, Edward not getting what he wants immediately is a bonus,,,
does Bella and her brothers ages come into this, or Edwards too, he is obviously an adult,
12/14/2021 c23 posum
Love this story so much and hope you will continue it. I only read Bella/Edward stories so disappointed to see new stories minus Edward! Please update soon!
7/13/2021 c23 Luvreading67
Smashing story
Hope you recovered well..
7/13/2021 c14 Luvreading67
Oh how lovely
7/13/2021 c11 Luvreading67
Ignore ignorant people who tell you rubbish,,as you say,,don’t like don’t read,,why people make derogatory comments is beyond me...
As a newish fan fiction reader, I like 99% of the stories I read, I comment, but mostly about the storyline, not how it is written,,
Hope you keep up,you’re writing and don’t get too entangled in self doubt..
7/13/2021 c10 Luvreading67
Getting deeper
7/13/2021 c5 Luvreading67
I liked it from the first few lines,,
Looking forward to reading more
6/29/2021 c23 traceybuie
I'm happy for Bella, Edward and little Josh. Charlie is a delusional asshole though. Ugh... Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/26/2021 c23 28Rebadams7
Go get your lifeBella!
6/25/2021 c23 QueenieNini
Man, Charlie has some balls showing up
6/23/2021 c23 BridieM
So pleased Bella was strong. Wonderful chapter. Thank you for writing
6/22/2021 c23 Rita01tx
Good riddance to bad rubbish! Hopefully, Edward, Bella and Josh can live in peace for a good long while!
6/21/2021 c23 pipelynn
Good riddance!
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