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for I'll Always Know It Was You

2/27/2017 c1 hey meolni
hi meloni how are you? hows thinhgs in idaho. or was it washington? Things down here are fine. Still single btw
10/14/2016 c3 57PFT3000
Very intriguing. I'm interested in what happens next. I don't get Hiro's uncle. Where in the world did he spring up from? And what's with GoGo's family? Well all will be found out one day. Keep it up!

Best Regards,
10/14/2016 c2 PFT3000
*takes GoGo and pounds her head on wall* Do you know how hard Tadashi worked to get Hiro to STOP bot fighting?! And now you're dragging him back into it!? I outa... *is cut off because of some colorful language* Well great work so far! You've impressed me. I will be reading more so keep it up!

Best Regards,
10/14/2016 c1 PFT3000
Interesting start. I'm excited to read more. Great job so far, and keep it up!

Best Regards,

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