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for Secrets behind the Eyes

5/1/2020 c1 1Hetalover13
You should definitely bring Alfred back, b/c that would give a good way to release the secret if you want , and would also give some of that sweet sweet angst in regards to him and Nicholas being able to talk again.
6/1/2017 c2 Guest
It's only 2 chapters in and I'm already hooked!
Plz update soon!
4/29/2017 c2 Cyber-Kanochi
Please continue
I love this story
11/22/2016 c1 3Ethan Illinois Jones
For anyone who is wondering when this will be updated, it will be updated soon with small changes that won't change the main flow of the story except for a few small things. I am starting on the first chapter of this and the second chapter of 'The Illusions I Weave'.
11/22/2016 c1 4bisimcat13
This sounds like a great concept for a story so when will it be updated?
7/8/2016 c1 Aph Native America
This is a promising story- please update soon I NEED TO READ IT
5/28/2016 c1 kitty jones
This story sounds promising. Love that there is Germerica in here. Please update

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