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for How I Failed To Avoid The Plot

7/8 c28 Roarroar
Just here to comment that this was a fun read and didn't become a bad read. Cause' seriously, from the title alone, I'm already coming in expecting a not-so-serious fanfic. I got what I wanted. You diverting the story all over makes it more interesting, especially with all the weird roles Chris got into. Good work.
5/2 c3 1VincentFS
Fucking hell, such a little bitch, dude. You’ve made me genuinely wish your protagonist would fucking die already. I don’t know whether to be impressed or toss this story in a shit pile and forget about it.
11/4/2023 c28 Courier142769
Please update this is an awesome story
9/1/2023 c6 Resio
q imbécil.
6/9/2023 c15 Lord.shasta
Holy shit. Every time I get to another chapter, I think "this MC can't possibly get more annoying". And every time I am wrong. This writing style just absolutely screams 16 year old "I'm so quirky" girl.
4/23/2023 c28 Guest
Why do I get the feeling that when Roman dies Neo is going to latch on to Chris?
4/13/2023 c28 AsynchronousTextureStreaming
you still alive?
4/10/2023 c10 Guest
what a pile of trash.
1/18/2023 c2 editingusername
The talking to the readers for of writing is the worst one there is. It is way to disconnected and doesn't make you feel like you are in that story. But some one bad at telling stories telling you about it...
10/5/2022 c15 theMAX360
This has got to be the most annoying fanfic I've ever read, jesus christ. please tone it down on the inner monologues, and how for chris to stop being a pussy.
9/2/2022 c4 Changeling501
What an annoying person
8/3/2022 c26 MoltenNeko
And another thing. I absolutely adore everyone's relationship with chris/joker. One of my least favorite parts in a (badly written) OC based story is the relationships between characters. Sometimes it feels forced or unnatural. But in this fic the relationships between characters is written incredibly well. The friendship with emerald (despite our Janitor man still being a tad bit paranoid) is a really well built friendship. It never feel forced, nor did it happen too soon. It felt and seemed completely natural with both sides. Same with joker and yang. And I gotta give you some props for that.
8/3/2022 c27 MoltenNeko
Serious review:Ill admit the story itself was pretty eh- around the beginning. But like I can understand why. It's the first few chapters for the first fic (in this account atleast). The characters felt off sometimes. But nearer to the end (or atleast the current chapter end) the characters are more characterised and well written. And let me tell you is the writing so much better nearer to the end. I can feel the emotions coming from the text and I love that. It's a really well made fic. A fic that I thought was gonna be crack at first. But it lures you in with silly jokes and the Joker's almost crack like personality before swinging a sledgehammer right at your unsuspecting face. I'm really hoping that this story isn't actually abandoned or put into perpetual hiatus like most fics because I truly did enjoy this fic, and im really really hoping I get to read some more of it. But even if it doesn't receive anymore updates. It will still be one of my favorite rwby fics. Good job mate.
8/3/2022 c28 MoltenNeko
Where chapter. :(. Where is it. I require it.
7/13/2022 c28 Guest
Please update
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