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11/2/2016 c10 Kevin the clone
I really have enjoyed your story so far. Your way of describing combat is refreshing compared to a lot of the other fanfiction I've read, having your characters actually perform combat manuevers and not just run in and kill everyone like it was high-noon in some old western is surprisingly uncommon enough to warrant serious praise. My favourite character so far is Gus Autumn, its very fun to read your interpretation of what would happen to him after he was spared. Its good to learn that Europe will be mentioned at some point, it would make sense that they'd be doing better as I cant imagine as many nukes flying their way if they were not at war with china, the middle east could only have so many nukes to fling I suppose. I do find it worrying that the institute seems to be hostile to kryger however, as it would be kinda weird for father to release kryger from cryo-sleep just to execute him, though it does seem like it may be the actions of a lone courser. I could go on listing the little details that I enjoy all day, like the exploration of what the sole-survivor would be like pre-war, the realistic suspicion that pipers newspaper arouses, or the way that the non-military members of the group actually have obvious flaws in their training. I just want to say I cant wait for the next chapter to come and I hope whatever's bothering you settles down.
11/2/2016 c3 Guest
is the old man the lone wander or the couier?
10/31/2016 c10 4Chaosservant
Also, that really sucks about your tech troubles.

Anyhow, if, in my foolishness, I'm correct in assuming the Soviets are at war with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, should I break out the Sabaton in preparation for the Winged Hussars charging in for max destruction?
10/31/2016 c10 21arutka2000
Marko from Tropoja...

I read that and the scene from taken played through my head. It was great. Also, the includion of Russians is always wonderful.
10/31/2016 c10 6Alternative NonFiction
Let's hope Preston doesn't hear about Autumn's double life of helping settlements.

I gotta say, that's an interesting approach on the Sentinel Winters thread. Why not get an up to date sitrep of the area before bringing the Prydwen to the scene.

Nobody makes the Bobrovs this interesting, NOBODY. Part of me thinks the Diamond City Slavic quarter is just a little out of place. What the hey though, I'm digging the local color, and their heavy Russian accents should have been dealt with generations ago otherwise.

I'm also guessing by the hints you dropped that the next chapter is mostly done.
10/31/2016 c10 The Last Kenpachi
Huh, nicely done! Fans of Fallout often question what happened to Russia after the war but personally I what happened to Africa and Columbia in South America because they must be brilliant with two hundred years on top and unradioactive... Unless Super Mutants got there first, or maybe the (mostly canon) Great Ghoul Whale! (You often hear merchant guards talk about it at Bunker Hill) also thanks for the shoutout.
10/31/2016 c10 BelieverofManyThings
Fantastic chapter :) Really looking forward to your next update :)
10/30/2016 c10 2Justaquestion12
I sense a storm coming. But it is not the one we expact.
10/30/2016 c10 Xypher1
Glad to see you're back and man was this chapter intense! Not to mention all of those world building bombs you've been dropping between a still functioning USSR, some kind of Norse Union? I guess?, along with mentioning Kryger's more foreign expeditions throughout the world. It's also kind of bittersweet that Kryger's treating his companions like his old European battalions :(.

The confrontation with the DC residents was concerning though since it is rather hard to differentiate Kryger's authenticity unless you specifically know of Vault 111 or in the brotherhood's, enclave's, and pre-war ghouls' cases knew of various pre-war things that only Kryger would be able to clarify.

And now we finally see Elliot! And they were able to keep the secret of Zeta too! Wonder how he explained his origin or came up with a cover to enlist in the Brotherhood though. Also it's sad that Dusk died, the Pride is really being torn up. Even more upsetting is that you just stated the Courier's death with Veronica's thoughts :(. WHY?! That's just depressing, now I NEED to know how one of my more personable main characters died.

Well at least we got to see awesome Eastern European brothers, some sort of fluffy moments regarding the brotherhood members (even Olin and Kryger's interactions, perhaps hinting at some kind of pairing?), and best of all...we got to see our favorite southern-accented American patriot be a complete badass! Speaking of which, what happened to the Chicago Enclave?
10/30/2016 c10 Ecomonococo
AAAAAWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAH! New chapter update. loving your version of fallout. keep it up.
10/25/2016 c9 Dark Lord Namikaze
Hey, just wanted to say I've loved the story so far and I hope the issues in your personal life pan out. Keep up the good work and get back to it when you're ready, the readers will be here eagerly anticipating it :P
10/20/2016 c9 Guest
Just wanted to say I have loved your story so far. I hope when things calm down for you you can resume.
9/21/2016 c9 The Fanatic Of Stuff
i hope things get better for you soon love your story
9/12/2016 c9 2Designation A1-13
Hey, don't sweat a thing man. Completely understandable reason go put off writing for a bit, and I appreciate the heads up (Though I am late to replying xD). Here's hoping you resolve your personal problems on good terms. Hope you have a good time off
9/7/2016 c2 11Alexeij
It had to happen. You actually managed to have Kellog sound and behave more like a bastard, which isn't easy and at the same time sets up for a more worthy rival figure. Badass!Codsworth is also a blast to read, and it's enhancements and previous work I think will make settling down in sanctuary easier for Garvey's gang.

Now, I want to spend a moment to stress how utterly genial it is to have Augustus Autmn, Jr., tag along and to have a Lone Wanderer who is involved deeply with the BoS. I foresee some juicy conflict, moral and not, ahead. I just never pegged Augy for a marksman, he looked like someone who liked to get up close and personal.

And now the Major has a finishing move. Gud gud. Beyond some typos and some tense shifting between present and past here and there I don't see anything wrong with the grammar either.
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