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9/7/2016 c1 11Alexeij
Masterful writing: the intro sequence managed to convey so much in so few words, and the characters feel human and alive. Two things I've rarely seen in F4 fics are the characterization of the spouse and an immersive, natural background for the SS. You did both, and your Codsworth is the most well-crafted I've seen so far. Also liked the little mentions you've put here and there that will 'overpower' the Major from the start. I can really see just from this chapter why this fic is so successful. Only thing to note: with how you described James' uniform and the lack - at least from what I've seen - of his physical description, I can't help but portray him as Arthur 'slimeball' Maxson.

Now I'm dreading to click the 'next' button. Chances are Kath will die, it'd be the 'right' thing to do... and I dread it. Oh well. GJ.

- Alexeij
9/5/2016 c9 1thewookie1
Good luck with your complications
9/5/2016 c9 1Titanfire999
okay take care
9/5/2016 c9 4MajorKO
No problem, take your time! I can't wait for the next chapter!
9/5/2016 c9 moonlight72
Thanks for the heads up. Hope everything settle downs nicely. Looking forward to the next installment.
9/1/2016 c8 MajorKO
Great story!
8/28/2016 c8 lazy no log in
Is it bad I want to see robots flirting? Like Cosworth saving Curie in a "Big Damn Hero" sort of way and she giving him the robot equivalent of a hug and Cosworth "blushing" because of it. And over time the two getting more and more flirty. They both deserve it, after being alone for 200 years.
8/25/2016 c8 Guest
I do enjoy this story, but bloody hell do i HATE piper. So kudos to you for making a story that i look forward to seein more of
8/23/2016 c8 Guest
Great chapter, as always. I like the constant tension you put in the group, it makes a group of people having to work together far more realistic. Keep up the amzing work.
8/23/2016 c5 ReviewerDWJ
Okay I like this story so far. I'll follow and review every five chapter.

8/22/2016 c8 6Alternative NonFiction
I can't wait to see how Olin will react to discovering all the trouble they went through to rescue a synth. I'm guessing that defcon status on the Piper vs Olin feud is going to to be raised by at least one point.

Heck I'm dying to see will Arthur Maxon will react to seeing a BOS idol in the company of sentient bots, synths, super mutants (if Strong becomes your heavy), ghouls, and Enclave remnants.

Having Strong as the heavy, would be comic gold. Having say an Enclave Trooper, though would be fitting considering all the internal conflicts that Kryger will hit with in the future.
8/22/2016 c8 The Last Kenpachi
Strong is a Super Mutant so he is already a heavy weapons expert... Although hmmm I have an idea! PM me please unusual dispentry
8/22/2016 c8 Xypher1
Ah the ladies of the group are fighting for Kryger!

And now Curie is on board; this will probably bring up a lot of unpleasant memories for Kryger for obvious reasons. As for your possible support gunner, I have two suggestions. One, what about Fawkes? Do we know what happened to him now that the DC Wastes have been "cleansed" by the Brotherhood? Maybe he ran away up north to the Commonwealth. He would be a far more interesting companion than Strong and could give even more perspective on what happened in DC concerning the Lone Wanderer, the Brotherhood, life in general, etc. My second suggestion would actually be some kind of Enclave Shock Trooper or Commando. Since Autumn is going to make (or already has made) contact with the Chicago branch of the Enclave, presumably to inform them of the great opportunity they have with a legendary figure such as Kryger, it would be plausible if they send someone to watch over/accompany him. It would also give the Chicago Enclave's perspective on how things have been in the post-apocalyptic nation and add even more to the already diverse and unique composition of Kryger's team. I would actually prefer the Enclave support option just for dialogue purposes (nosy and well-meaning reporter, Commonwealth Minuteman, two sentient robots, German Shepard, Ex-Confederate soldier, Senior Brotherhood Scribe, and Enclave soldier, and a heroic pre-war US Major) which should be priceless. Having the party composition like this could also go a long way to reconcile all the differences between the various groups of the wastes. It would actually be kind of poetic; the remnants of the US federal government and top military services along with their industrial allies reconciling with the remnants of the bulk of the United States Army due to the actions of a pre-war major who would definitely see the flaws of both organizations and attempt to rectify them.
8/22/2016 c8 2Designation A1-13
Ah, and on the Heavy Weapons Specialist, I would find a way to work Fawkes in there somehow. His Meta-Human teachings could be impounded into Strong's mind later on, and I just can't accept that he was purged alongside the rest of the Capital Wasteland Super Mutants... Or, better yet, how the Lone Wanderer herself? Her and Kryger could definitely set Arthur straight! You know, if previous games' characters don't work out, maybe work in an Enclave operative working under Augustus Autumn's orders? I'd definitely like an update on the Old Man xD
8/22/2016 c8 Designation A1-13
Yet again, another fine chapter, my good sir! Olin and Piper, now? That'd be hilariously epic for further down the road xD. And you know what? Aside from mods, I never understood why Curie knew how to make the cure-all vaccination, but was never able to offer it to one of the major factions. Wanna get the Brotherhood to open up to Synths? Have one trusted by their Hero help cure all of their ailments! Again, my two caps aside, this was one fine read with plenty of uniqueness sprinkled throughout the story! Also, as a side note, maybe have Kryger inform Overseer McNamara of Vault 111? They could transfer parts from 111 to the Secret Vault, and begin expansion and possibly upgrading of their own tech? That, or through the means of Vault-Tec Workshops's questline, which I've yet to download xD
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