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8/22/2016 c8 16Mandalore the Survivor
Very interesting, it's very clear we'll be seeing lot's of issues between Odlin and Piper in these coming days, hopefully their at least be able work together at moment, be interesting for her reaction when James will voice his firm opinion on racism towards Ghouls.

Now seeing Curie becoming part of the group was nice touch, though I can't help but feel this will link to others learning more of his wife given her French background. Overall not bad work, curious if Paulson will mention Elliott Tercorien since he served in same battatlion as James.

Now if you need a support gunner, I can maybe supply possible choices here? Like Joe Grimm, a intellienge Super Mutant from Midwest who fought alongside the Warrior and member of Brotherhood there.

There's Emaline, Sydney's friend who is a heavy weapons expect. But the option with OC can also work.

Overall not, good luck, till next time.
8/22/2016 c8 BelieverofManyThings
Great chapter :D Looking forward to your next update:)
8/22/2016 c8 sUbSoNiCSoundwave
Could make it where Ada could fill in as the Heavy Weapons Bot or something. Mod her with some Sentry Bot parts, and you'd be good to go for that slot.
8/17/2016 c1 Guest
I notised that Katerine has a bit of all the female companions on F4
Kath : Cait
Reporter : Piper
French accent : Curie
8/15/2016 c2 4Chaosservant
...He is clearly an Imperial Commissar. I am okay with with.

If he starts screaming about HERESY! Then I will know for sure. Good show sir, good show.
8/3/2016 c7 BelieverofManyThings
Fantastic chapters :) Really looking forward to your next update:)
7/30/2016 c7 Vickmackey007
7/26/2016 c7 5Kaiser-Powers
My god you did a good job with this story so far. I hope to see it continued and and concluded respectively!
7/26/2016 c7 1thewookie1
Make sure it shot in the far northern parts of Ontario, or else the famous Ronto would merely be Rubble
7/25/2016 c7 2Designation A1-13
LOVED that chapter! Another fine addition to this epic! I like that fact that Kryger is inadvertently helping the Brotherhood of Steel, as I feel he could do that faction some good, and maybe help Arthur embrace Owyn Lyons' teachings again. And, please... Tell me you're not gonna pair this badass Pre War Soldier with Piper of all Characters? Olin would be a much better choice! Especially since she is descended from members of Maxsons' original squad! Anyways, my two caps aside, I love where this story is heading, and can't wait to see another chapter churned out! Have a good down time, man
7/25/2016 c7 1Titanfire999
So when does most of the main quest line stuff start?
7/25/2016 c7 Guest
Will the lone wanderer appear in this story
7/24/2016 c7 The Last Kenpachi
Are you planning on a pairing? If so could it be Piper because her sass definitely fits with Kryger and his hardass attitude. Other than that another awesome chapter good idea with USS Riptide it always felt wasted to me but not as much as the tower near 35 Law... can't remember it's name but really one room full of blood? Why?!
7/24/2016 c7 2Justaquestion12
Very good chapter. Already epic changes in the story line are in the works. I wonder though will their be a paring in this story?
7/24/2016 c7 Xypher1
So Dogmeat's with Paulson then? Question is, it is the one from Fallout 3 or the one in 4? Regardless, I'm glad that he joined up with Kryger; it will be especially interesting since they will be telling each other stories of their own pasts.

I'm glad that you also killed Clint off early; he was really a bastard for betraying the Minutemen at Quincy. Thank God that Kryger informed the Brotherhood of the pre-war munitions or else the gunners would be able to form a small and well-equipped army to terrorize the Commonwealth. The inclusion of Olin into the party is also very interesting. As one of the Vindicated she will probably speak biased tales of the Brotherhood's noble purpose and give a good idea of how the Brotherhood operates (the good and the bad). However, Kryger will also be able to tell her about what he knew of Roger Maxson and how he would probably wish that the Brotherhood acted more chivalrously were he still alive. Overall, I think that when Arthur finally hears of Kryger and what he has already accomplished, he will be racing to the Commonwealth and beg Kryger to join and lead/educate Brotherhood forces :). I also think that Kryger's options of finding romance among the Brotherhood ranks is a certainty (Olin, Haylen, the Lone Wanderer, just about every single female Brotherhood member along with males who swing that way) :).

Although, I am curious about what role the Minutemen will have in this story since Kryger would definitely use the Minutemen as an opportunity to produce lawmen akin to the Texas and Arizona (Desert) Rangers. And of course, we still have to wonder about Autumn and the Enclave.
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