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for Alone

12/13/2017 c1 69cmr2014
No, man. Bucky...the brother he *always* had. You don't need blood to be family.

They call it survivor's guilt, like you're supposed to somehow get over it. But they haven't been there.

You never get over it. You just get on with it.

Shawshank got it right - you get busy livin', or you get busy dyin'.

My apologies, this was the wrong time to read such a heart-wrenching, door-opening thing.
4/24/2017 c1 242NotMarge
*Heart shatters*

I didn't need it anyway.
5/30/2016 c1 Anon
That was an emotionally poignant piece of writing. I'd always thought that Steve blamed himself for Bucky's fall.

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