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5/22 c3 MMTyler
I live non-canon happily ever after stories. Thank you!
10/5/2018 c3 Debbie Hicks
Then as allo of the wildest vulcan rattlesnakes tie her with her kid as Witches wih Best friends FLAMES Was blaring then then herself swore vengeance destroyed in her waker Volturi found her tied you there who created Immpoortal chikldren guiolty Kidnappd by them too late Never returned We bring you this Weapon My death I Want my vengeance BLOOD DRAINED WITH THEM THEN THEN Her powers came with a terrifying price her soul was Stipped good train her with them then they had kids more then followed TURNED! Then too late herself KKilled then STOLEN Lives feeding as all of them to most more then herself was a Weapon most strongest but lethalist but powerful weapon of all the four fusion as her Crest dressed From her bodysuit was Both then her Angeriest fiery Falkor's Red eyes as all of blod Most more as all of the Movie Make-up fused to her now More adult face shown great majestic power then suddenly hair was Styled then LLost as all of traces of emotions then ABl;ackingh outside then too late herself did feed again to most more that was it Venom surged then herself was Stornger faster more better and beautfiul as the goddess Valdana was cruel but dangerous as T'Livre sti;ll fierce but more Strict she was Commanding but bitter frosty icy but cold but Harsher but was Logical but Impassive attained Kolinahr was True she was Paler by now so they Total Pure Logic the Cullens knew something amiss then too late herself Was Brainwashed by Alien rattlesnake venom replicated again then too l;ate was Not alive from childbirth death from help then then too late was Paler with them Sliced with kis now teenagers were Phoenix coven members her rotal bodyguaeds then Snapped to most more ate Alien blood then too late gained Supernatural powers in time She did grow in power and ancient holiest wisdom was wraithful was Avenged then Nuked from here with as all of botes then with thers then was never human at all good what then then her loyal troops are aliens that ATOMIZED! Beaten/by them then too laste was reaching her failing heart the head found her dead of both die with them then ASDHES No longer there bodies good then more as all guads as all bitten hosts crunched the seer found her dressed as a bride on her wedding day/night was unable to reproduce at al then with Edward with them then with the kids were hybrids were fully grown adults were Stunted as Teenagers then too late the Carnivorous selves turned as all of Italians into their warriors Exploded now as all of them suddenly as all of them Alice whho did to her whle she was Pregnant Volturi she never has children anymore then too late first hunt as one of them then suddenly As all of them most animals drained /killed then then too late were Killed herself stuggled had a headache Self-defensive mentally shielding them then TORE From here Bought here declareing dead are Poisoned fully completyely time with as all of them but She's dead good then Atomized them into as all of ashes officially then too late were as all of the very most more as all of them more as all of guaeds mated then too late the world evolved with them Alice noticed scars as all of them, CARLISLE! Then too late te kids had childrennbow too late herself was sterile but her reproductuive cycle was gone unable to breed at all was very bitter with ice Alice Found the cause she was forced by A TURNED jAKE Then oh my god then too late
8/25/2016 c3 8Sassyvampmama
Thanks for sharing.
6/20/2016 c2 2sarahmicaela88
Ok ummm pusiste que estaba 8 meses de embarazada. Que no deberia ser 8 semanas? Eso me tuvo bien confundida. Y que paso entre todo ese tiempo?
Como salio Bea embarazada nunca se noto de lo que paso entre ellos doz. Hasta tienen casa juntos? Cuando paso eso?
5/31/2016 c1 12candy1928
I don't usually like the Jacob-Bella relationship, but yours is the exception.
I like the chapter.
Keep writing!
5/31/2016 c1 2sarahmicaela88
Ok why would she ask for the Cullens help and just up and leave Jake like that? She was beyond livid with Alice and then just leaves with her. Makes very little sense.

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