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for The God of Destruction comes to Remnant

4/22 c8 Yeet
Damnit, I was starting to like this fix, but you just had to go the harem route. It was looking promising.
4/17 c1 Buttermu
Iz ded
4/12 c19 Guest
4/12 c19 ANMBI
4/7 c19 Guest
4/5 c19 2LightTrain
I’ve never watched RWBY, or the Godzilla movies really and yet I find myself really enjoying this story, please continue if you have the chance!
3/31 c19 TypeVos
Just started and caught up with this story. but mannn this is so goddamn good.
I love the way Gojira acts.
3/26 c19 Jaypeg
3/11 c19 Guest
Espero una pronta actualización, el FanFic me gustó.
3/9 c19 Guest
Please, please I’m a fan of this fic, when will you update again? I love reading this and I would love to see where this story is going in the future. P.S. don’t add Summer to the harem. Seriously I don’t see that working at all considering you’ll have Yang and Ruby in it.
2/28 c9 HappyBanana73
why a Harem? the fic was looking promising
2/14 c1 AsashiOfSapphire
You made him weak, go fuck yourself.
2/14 c2 AsashiOfSapphire
2/13 c19 12Blackenergy666
all throughout this arc, I've only been able to think one thing "Man, Big G gonna rip some heads off when Neela and Mosrua are in the same room". I do not know why Neela gives me Mosura vibes, but she do and I need him locked in a room with the two.
2/12 c9 An Overthinker
I personally am fairly against Summer Rose joining the harem for two reasons. One, Ruby is already in it so unless you are writing with degeneracy in mind it would get very awkward and be very hard to pull off believably. Two, I've always been a big fan of the "Qrow is Ruby's father" theory so I'd rather ship Summer and Qrow together. He deserves some happiness after everything he's done and everything he's been put through.
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