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1/12/2018 c1 Dianherdianto
Funny fic. Just as promised.
8/15/2016 c10 50snake screamer
Weirdest chapter ever. btw, how wll react to Warspite who speaks PERFECT english.
8/1/2016 c3 61Pyeknu
This one was a scream, Sheo! It inspired me to add Capt Haddock in as the yard boss in my latest entry to the rules list at Spacebattles and here!
7/18/2016 c8 firecaster-hikaru
this is nice and kind of funny. i also read the chapter enterprise 2814 even though it is a short story. either ways i like the short stories that have been updated.
6/27/2016 c8 KusoTeitoku
I see Kongou and Hiei have been watching JoJo and G Gundam. :)
5/31/2016 c1 11Nicolas Crossworth
I don't know where to start. But you win. You won the kancolle because I'm left slack jawed at what I just read. You're pretty good.
5/30/2016 c1 23Lone Wolf NEO
Lol, you're on the roll, aren't you my friend? Good stuff, Sheo. This mad my day. And I don't mind seeing Yamato/Enterprise lewd scenes, because I ship them hot shippings.

*Lone Wolf NEO is sunk by Type-93 torpedo*

WoWS announcer: "enemy author ship sunk!"
Murakumo: Sheo, your friend is as bad as you are...
Houshou: I'm not sure we'd survive the Lone Wolf effect should he write a story about us.
Naka: Naka-chan is scared! Naka-chan doesn't want to be in his story!

Can't wait for more of Kancolle shenanigans from you in the future.

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