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11/20 c14 fooplaya
oh, nevermind for my last comment lol. I see you answer that in the A/N here :P
11/20 c13 fooplaya
So I admittedly know little of WoW's lore, most of it is from reading other fics and wiki dives, but I thought the Void and the Twisting Nether were two different things?
11/17 c179 Guwast
So... did Sirius pull a Maraad?
11/15 c179 Omega97
Now Arthas will stand as the lion before the lambs...and they do not fear...they WILL NOT fear...
11/3 c178 7ianramos22
This Story is been a great adventure for me to enjoy. Please continue writing it is excellent.
10/20 c178 ArachnidHiveMind
Litch King Harry? Please? Please I beg you! The first Litch King was a Warlock and everything! It canonically could work!
9/16 c177 ArachnidHiveMind
The madman gives me Bonesaw Vibes, which btw, is making me desperately crave a Worm/Warcaft crossover, that is basically Undying Scarab, but Taylor has an undead Bonesaw to help her.
8/16 c176 Omega97
Man...I can't wait for the fight with Dranosh Saurfang...and possibly the Death Knight Nek'rosh Skullcrusher.
8/15 c176 ArachnidHiveMind
Dont burn yourself out mate, it’ll be better dor your story long term if you take breaks when you need them alright?
7/21 c175 4Flametusk
After a few weeks, I've finally caught up! This is one of my favourite stories I've read yet, one of the few to keep me wanting more and more after over a hundred chapters, and in fact, I actually started playing WoW Classic after reading this!
7/15 c53 Rayjleon
Its quite disapointing that u added a time skip before here moved worlds, especially that its when hes in his 30s im sure ur gonna speek on thes past years that we missed in later chapters, but i was under the understanding that we would see him here within a couple of days at the most of him opening the portal for the legend, giving us a still yong Harry and much more room for him to grow, along with a longer story, even if he has a longer life span, the idea of him still being younger and having much more room even mentally to grow adds more to the story, and now that I mention that, im quite confused, early on in the story we were given the veiw of his master discuss harrys demon transformation, and being curious of what would happen if it would be permanent for him, that along with the talks of changes of harrys body that have been mentioned scarcely through the story so far, have led me to believe in a form of for shadowing, but seeing as u have already made him 30 I highly doubt any thing of the sort is likely since hes still apears to be fully human, from what has been inferred from this chapter, quite disappointing
7/3 c12 Guest
MC not able to just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Doesn't make any sense. If someone asks you for your valuable secrets, you just DON'T ANSWER. wth!
6/28 c75 Guest
Onyxia being an ally who understood Nobu'tan would honor his word and help her was basically forgotten as soon as it happened
6/15 c174 Andrew MacKenzie
Woot update! Keep up the excellent work as always!
6/6 c6 Guest
Why is Dumbledore not surprised, shocked, caught off guard by Harry's use of wandless magic? I mean I thought he is still surprise by how harry came back after disappearing all those years but so far the topic of wandless magic is still not brought up. Based on what I see it seems to me that you author armed Dumbledore with a rather obvious plot armor preventing harry from taking action fearing that Harry's expertise in warcraft magic is to OP for the harry Potter world. I could excuse his lack of offensive magic due to his exhaustion after fighting with the arcmage but that is only one magic or two he fires and with is magic reservoir continuously praise by his master it is rather doubtful or it could be because of his recent experience with world to world teleportation he somehow cannot use his magic.
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