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10/24 c114 Guest
Lovin this work so far, just wish that there was more Warcraft fanfics of this caliber. My only major complaint is that your default facial expression is smirking regardless of characterization or nuances.

It literally makes zero sense half of the time! Character encounters set back - smirks, character meets potential enemy - smirk, character stubs toe - smirks... Surely a grim countenance, ghost of a smile, smoldering snarl, adoring pout, resting bitch face and their ilk would be less jarring than all of your characters knee jerk smirking. It’s like their spazzes and can’t help their facial muscles spasming every chance they get.
10/13 c114 Zerac
It has been a long time since the tournament and the events at hogwarts, and much has happened since. The story has come so far since, with almost 770k words, and yet so much more potential content and lore yet to explore... And still the story is as epic and engaging as ever, the quality still making it a pleasure to read.
Thank you for this brilliant story, and I hope to see it continue a long time still.
10/4 c10 2OrdealOfMc
sigh...and it was such a great story...but author just had to have the uneeded toilet scene, with MC acting completely out of his character... Not only he revealed himself as much more competent, but he now gathered attention of fellow students who bother him. and for what? saving a life of a girl he knew for a month? Jeez, I though that this story will be different, without the oversized scenes. It's a pity...truly is...
10/4 c5 effectivesage
Awesome chapter
9/29 c113 Undead Wyvern
Great chapter Faykan once again, it blows my mind to see how far this story has come from when i first caught up to it at chapter 12-13, you are doing amazing work!
9/29 c113 2Alvor the Warhawk
The Malfoy’s forget their place. So much so they speak words of treason. It is not their duty to decide what is best for the Dark Horde, only to glean what information they can for Nobu’tan. If he then listens to their council to avoid war, that is wonderful, but to conspire with a foreign power to avert his will is treason.
9/29 c113 Thristan
ALWAYS love a new update
9/26 c26 Dscot
This is why this Harry is really really dumb he knows he has power he knows he has influence but he’s just a little shit who’s doesn’t use it he lets Dumbledore drag him around in rages but he doesn’t actually do anything
9/25 c10 Dscot
I like your story and where it’s going but I don’t understand why Harry has to share all his information it makes no sense to me he could just say I don’t know what you’re talking about professor though they know he’s lying they have no right to demand answers from him. The more you share specially among your enemies the more that knowledge will be used against you he must’ve learned some thing from his master the importance of knowledge and power and not to give it away.
9/25 c4 x2leoj
This story seems significantly bettee and more developed than your other stories I have read so far.

I’m really hoping Harry will go back to the HP world at some point just to see the others reaction and maybe learn some useful magic.
9/17 c112 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
9/16 c112 duckie288
interesting chapter even tho there wasnt that much happening, the dialog between thrall and nobutan as expected.
9/15 c112 Doctor Dandy
112 chapters in and he's still so small and weak. It's honestly a travesty and I don't understand how you're okay with it. The fight scenes still have no punch because it's all told and not shown. You write stories the same way I imagine you'd write a paper.
9/15 c112 KingZeRoPL
Why is he so fucking weak, and being weak is 1 thing being stupod is 2 this MC is trash i think i have even like Draco more than him and i despise Draco...
9/13 c111 Ravenm
I enjoy velen and Harry paralels.
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