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5/17 c155 ZeroGs22
i have been thinking of the future events and it might be possible for Garrosh to not turn into a warmonger which would be fun to see

and also i do wander if you will do shadowlands as canonically shadowlands is multiversal meaning that even for fanfics the events of the game have pretty much made anything involving the jailer invalid, the dreadlords not with standing due to them being sent out though now they can be a rouge faction onto their own due to the jailer being dead and their king being imprisoned within his own sword

the lich king can be waved away by just the multiverse liking the lich king being apart of azaroth thus making it so he will exist even with the jailor now dead

as a side note when it comes to warthian and alternet drainor i can see harry helping out due to the idea of body snatching alternet guldans body inorder to put dauldans soul into it

but any who its a great story so regardless of what you i look forward to what you do
5/11 c53 Canon Compli-aint
I'm curious:

I always pictured the in-game layout as more representative than actual, and would have expected the journey from the Badlands to Redridge Mountains to take days at least. But, I remember (though I'm too tired to find the actual quote) you mentioning a span of mere hours. That would drastically shrink the continent. What was your thinking behind this decision?

Now... bed time.
5/11 c155 Chronolocked
So is the grand tournament still gonna happen?
5/11 c155 FGOFanlover
The Burning Legion is not our creators… we serve a greater power.

Will we be expecting the Shadowlands?
5/10 c155 human dragon
An amazing chapter like always my friend great jobI love how protective Teg'Ramm is of Nobutan, you have written him amazingly.
5/3 c47 Canon Compli-aint
Ever since that chapter where we got a glimpse of the three Dreadlords and the Deceiver(It's late, if I have a detail wrong here, so be it), and my sudden remembrance that this is not a time travel fic(merely events taking place on multiple worlds parallel to each other), I've begun to wonder of Harry is headed towards taking Ner'Zhul's place. I'm less certain now, after the prophecy. But... we'll see. I'm still throwing this thought out into the Twisting Nether of the Internet as a "maybe" as far as predictions go.
5/1 c43 Canon Compli-aint
I hope Harry / Nobu'tan's name comes out of the goblet multiple times.
4/26 c154 Chronolocked
Quiet wholesome the Narcissa part, thank you for that and have a nice week.
4/26 c154 Chronolocked
That Narcissa part is really a nice touch of wholesomeness, nice and thank you for that.
4/26 c154 Thristan
So while Lor'themar is rebuilding Quel'thalas he contemplates also rebuilding Zul Aman or as much as he can get his people to, to MAYBE take the edge off the hate. Interesting tactic, that's one arch to keep tabs on

You're doing good on this expansion so don't think you aren't and besides, you're not the only one that wasn't deep into this one
4/13 c153 4WithinTheMadness
I was concerned for a while there that you would write Nabu'tan the same as you did Veneficus: spiraling into madness d/t ghosts of the past.

So far you've proven that fear unnecessary and I think many of us who have read Veneficus are grateful.

I had forgotten how terrifying and ruthless Sylvanas could and would be. Thank you for reminding me

I am wondering, though: Do any of the Earthborn wizards even realize a number of their people didn't leave Argus? Even Nabu'tan?
4/4 c152 Guest
Beautiful chapter!
3/16 c151 Zerac
Another great chapter. A few typos here and there but simple enough to figure out.

This is to me the prime of WoW, and some of the most memorable events happen here.
For some reason guru of drakkuru is what made the biggest impression on me, and I'm looking forward to seeing the drakkuru again.
3/15 c151 jc
At least your keeping the demons with the legion, instead of that train wreck retcon shadowlands is.
3/14 c150 Guest
Beautiful chapter
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