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5/28/2020 c14 Scissors Dolphin
Geez, your Harry seem to be a conglomeration of every random Harry traits there are, all the while being railroaded. Doesn't Harry want to conquer the humans? Why did he suddenly care about two of their death?

For that matter, why is Harry doing what he is doing? You are literally rewriting the Harry Potter books. You are railroading your character to do exactly what he did in the original books. It doesn't make ANY SENSE in character for Harry to go off to confront Voldemort. You even had him black out after the battle, just like the original books.

It's really unoriginal, and unimpressive. But worst of all, it doesn't make any sense.
5/28/2020 c10 Scissors Dolphin
Huh, with your initial introduction of the Hogwart route, I'd thought you'd actually write the character reasonably. Dumbledore, Snape, etc, etc, actually seemed to be realistic canon characters at one point. So I had to wonder, did someone else write this chapter?

Ron has been reduced to Ron, the Deatheater. Draco is now Draco in Leather Pants (which is significantly more believable, admittedly). Dumbledore is now on the fanfiction favorite (and having absolutely nothing to do with actual canon, or even common sense, for that matter) bandwagon of "FOR THE GREATER GOOD" amoral manipulator training a child soldier. Like what? Did you run out of good ideas and decide to copy shitty fanfiction tropes? They are mostly written by emo 16 year olds. Did you really not have any better place to draw inspiration from?

And like that, I've lost a ton of interest in this story. Like, it could be interesting, if your character are actually characters, and not absolutely idiotic and overplayed tropes. You know what I think when ever someone mentions Dumbledore and Greater Good in one sentence? 1) They've never actually read Harry Potter. 2) Hot Fuzz.

Just think to yourself. How can your story be good when you mis-portray Dumbledore as some kind of child soldier raiser who goes around screaming "GREATER GOOD". In Hot Fuzz, the elders of the supposedly purposeful town would answer with that whenever they need to justify their actions. But that is obviously sarcastic humor, in a COMEDY skit. When your character is more of a caricature than a gag character in a comedy skit, your writing sucks.

And oh boy, was Harry railroaded by you. I get the feeling you either can't, or simply didn't bother to, come up with an actual new scenario for Harry in Harry Potter's world, so you just rewrote the events in the original story. This is why people don't like your writing. It's just a rehash of the Harry Potter books. It's boring. If we wanted to read Harry Potter, we'll read the original books.

Like, events just happen to line up so Harry had to fight the troll. Why? Why does Harry even care enough? Why couldn't he have just informed an adult?

At the end of the day, I can't tell if you were just having a bad day, if you got someone else to write this chapter, or I just suddenly paid attention to it because I'm more familiar with this part. But it seemed like you took the lowest common denominator of Harry Potter fanfictions and mixed them together in some unholy mixture.
5/27/2020 c105 Thristan
I love the fact the ANYONE would follow Valan ANYWHERE!
The Eridar, (how ever that is spelled) Draenei or whatever you want to call the race can be split into more or less THREE groups
1. The group that sided with the demons
2. The group that Valan led in the exodus
3. The group that Valan abandoned to the demons for the Greater Good at the behest of the Light
5/27/2020 c105 concept human
And the battle for Hellfire Plateau has begun. I have to wonder about c104’s opening comments coming from Tyrande. Does her comments meant that Nobutan has the hooves, horns and wings like Illidan?

If I recall correctly, there are several places of note from Hellfire: the citadel, the seat, the temple, and the path to terrokar. What will you tackle first?
5/25/2020 c104 NazgulBelserion
Please don't mess with Aurora she's Kyaaaa leave her be lol
5/13/2020 c104 4Parselmaster
Another disaster flag set for the baby... :(
5/12/2020 c104 concept human
And with the entrance of the Burning Crusade expansion, I wonder if you’ll fast track both the Wrath of the Lich Kong expansion and Legion considering in between those two we have Cata, Mists, and Warlords.

Is it safe to assume that once the Legion expansion comes into your story, The Stormreaver plot is coming to a close given the fact that Illidan is a linch pin in that expo.
5/12/2020 c104 37Kelorus
As always, it is magnificent and quite lovely. Thanks a lot for your hard work
5/12/2020 c104 2Wrandral
I really wonder how the meeting of Illidan and Nobutan will pan out given their mutual interests in tearing the Legion a new one.
5/12/2020 c104 imaunholycow2
I bet Theodore Nott, aka "Mahan" is feeling really stupid right now... Also probably pissing his pants before Lucy can even finish saying "Crucio"... I know I would, your version of him is utterly terrifying, and yet also wholesome and charming, truthfully all your characters have nice development, and I look forward to the next chapter, great work as always, keep it up!
5/12/2020 c104 Deathlord135
I am pumped as fuck for the first Illidan and Nobu'tan interaction. Will you be taking the viewpoint of the burning crusade as originally seen in WoW canon, or will you be using all the retcon lore introduced in legion about the ongoing events at the time as well as the Demon Hunters following Illidan.
5/6/2020 c103 Nubitox
Another great chapter. I thought you were going to keep pansy undead for a while, and throw In some more threeway drama when she would show back up but this is okey too. ) Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/30/2020 c103 2Alvor the Warhawk
It’s nice seeing Harry assert his dominance. And frankly, I’m eager to see the fight between him and a Dreadlord. Even more amusingly, I’d like to see a the Night Elves and Tauren intervene with just for a giant WWE style free for all smack down! It also occurs to me that it would be all too easy for the Dreadlord to take control of the doomguard... that could be fun indeed!
4/29/2020 c103 Guest
Most delicious indeed!
4/28/2020 c103 Warga
Nott bouta get his ass whooped.
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