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5/25 c130 human dragon
An amazing chapter as always my friend great job :)
5/24 c129 11Notsae
This whole timeline fixing feels way too game like, and far too nonsensical. He seemingly both is and isn't effecting history at random, and the fact these are somehow both separate timelines with no impact on the main timeline and the same timeline that needs fixing lest reality be radically changed makes no sense; you can't have it both ways, it's either alternate timelines where his actions don't matter, or it isn't. If they are separate timelines, then none of this matters. If they aren't separate timelines, then his actions need to matter. If the Bronze Flight are so powerful that they can just snap their fingers and fix any issues Nobu'tan makes recklessly bending the timeline over a table, then why do they need a champion at all? If his interference can be so easily fixed, why are the Inifite Dragonflight any different? The entire thing feels like contrived nonsense, creating and solving an extreme problem in a laughably simple way; if this Infinite Dragonflight is strong enough and skilled enough with time manipulation to be any sort of real threat to the Bronze Flight's stranglehold, merely combating it as they do it to solve it is ridiculously game like and simple. "Go through these portals and fight the baddies in a mostly consequence free environment to stop their attack on time," utterly ridiculous. This whole diversion has been a waste of time just distracting from the real story and seemingly adding nothing, with the possible exception of granting Nobu'tan slightly more experience (and a connection to Medievh) and a bit more knowledge and possibly a power boost if this dunking in the Well is a permanent increase.
5/24 c118 Notsae
Honestly, fuck elves. And dwarves. I hope they do go to war, and get slaughtered. The last thing they hear will be the laughter of demons as they slaughter their families, the last thought in their mind as their souls are consumed will be their regrets. Outside of my deep seated hatred of elves, I do wonder if Nobu'tan will discover and perhaps even use Illidan's plan after he kills him; destroying or taking over the Legion would be a very tempting plan for him, to be sure.
5/24 c129 Guest
I must say that I liked it a lot. One question though. If Nobu'tan destroyed Gul'dan's skull, he could resurrect it, right?
5/12 c35 frankiebayer2002
Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha (evil laughter)
5/11 c129 Thanasi
I honestly genuinely dislike this arc tbh. Since the way the cavern of times works is that none of this actually effects anything... its all filler that means literally nothing. The main story hasnt really gone anywhere in the last few chapters so its hard to keep interest... its well written but well... boring.
5/11 c129 human dragon
An amazing chapter like always my friend great job :)
5/11 c129 2Alvor the Warhawk
Well this a Hell of a climax. Not sure how the elves are gonna feel about a human turned demon bathing in their secret stash of E girl water... but it’s gonna be funny.
5/11 c129 1Fez8745
And that's when Archimonde knew. He fucked up.

Amazing update mate. Keep up the fantastic work.
4/28 c128 concept human
With the conversation here I think you’re setting up a new Guardian of Tristfal! I wonder who will be on the council.

I’m excited on how you’ll tackle the Archimonde fight since that guy is the powerhouse of the 3 leaders of the Dranei; Velen being the moral compass and Kil’Jaeden as the mind.

You also hinted in a prior chapter that there were remnants of Nobutan’s actions with Thrall. Will any of the Three leaders remember his actions here? Or will any of the Hyjal vets remember?

Also I’m really curious if you’re going to tie in the latest patch for the Shadowlands since Nobble and Taliesin&Evitel found some new lore.
4/27 c128 Fez8745
Loved it.
keep up the amazing work :D
Can't wait for more.
4/18 c127 Nubitox
Another masterful chapter, adding to an already striking story. Well done. I hope you keep yourself healthy and happy in these times, and I can not wait for the next chapter to get published. Until next time.
4/17 c48 voidrazor
wow. I'm speechless on how much you overpowered Albus. just make him the main character instead
4/17 c44 voidrazor
i really dont get it. How could he have not expected that teaching Hermione would backfire on him. The whole thing about competition and rivalry for the plot is utter bullshit. you could have made albus learn the arcane arts a different way like Merlin teaching him or something. The way you did it makes Harry stupid beyond words. Its like shooting yourself in the foot and then handing a gun to your opponent.
4/17 c44 voidrazor
this right here. how stupid is Harry not to realize that teaching arcane arts to hermione, albus etc would lead to much problems down the road. He could have easily used his arcane arts as an advantage in the fight against Dumbledore but instead he just made Albus so much stronger. He should at least acknowledge how much of an oversight and idiotic choice that was
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