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4/17 c21 voidrazor
I dont really like that Harry is teaching a lot of people on how to become a mage. there wouldnt be anything making him special if everyone else will soon be able to do the same things that hes doing. Also whats the point of sharing his knowledge to others if they will most likely betray him when they learn about his true goals.
4/13 c127 Guest
I only occassionaly look inyo this novel now. Is nobutan now a good guy or what. He behaves like one and it bothers me
4/13 c127 human dragon
An amazing chapter like always my friend great job
4/12 c126 AnimeFan13579
Finally finished reading up to the end. It's been a good story so far though I was rather thrown off early on. I had actually thought you would have Hermione turn to his side early on. The way her disappointment about being at home away from the leylines that gave arcane strength would have been a weak point. It seemed to imply she was getting addicted to wielding the arcane and in a world like Azeroth she wouldn't be as limited. Granted the requirements involving the demons invading would have caused her issues though.
3/31 c126 TheOnlyGoodConstantIsVigilance
I have waited for a story this grand for 4 years. Thank you for your service, for I love it.
3/30 c126 2Alvor the Warhawk
Glad the fights are being moved through swiftly. There’s lots of good stuff here! Plus Nobu’tan is getting way stronger from all this, me hopes.

I’d still like to see him start studying necromancy, but that’s just my personal taste talking.
3/30 c126 imaunholycow2
So, either the bronze flights magic is hiding the fel in Nobutan, or Mal'ganis has tunnel vision and can't see it past the light in Arthas... Either way he is an idiot and he deserves what is coming... I never liked him in WC3, I didn't like him in the Culling of Stratholme dungeon, and I certainly don't like him now... So, do us all a favor and entertain us with Nobutan kicking his sorry ass, lol
3/30 c126 Ivansama
These Caverns of time chapters feel like pointless filler
3/16 c125 7FractiousDay
What exactly is the purpose of these chapters? You’ve got a character who specifically states that none of it matters so why are they here? Apparently no alterations to the timestream are of consequence so the only consequential thing you could be going for would be Nobutan himself having some sort of revelation about something which he can consider moving forward.
3/16 c125 37Kelorus
As always it’s a marvelous piece of writing.
3/16 c125 Undead Wyvern
Good chapter, though, the ramifications of being in the past wasn't exactly exploited, like, how can Nobu'tan summon specific demons in a time where they surely don't know him, or even, before they even exist, though i can't rightly say i know how a demon comes into existence, whats the lifespan of a Felhunter anyways?
3/2 c124 4Dragon VS Phoenix
Would not Nobu'tan be wearing stormreaver iconography when he freed Thrall? Or did that get covered by the illusion the bronze cast on him? also why do i keep thinking the line "it would not be any fun without rivals" when it comes to Nobu'tan and Thrall!
3/2 c124 Stryderson
Aí caramba, adoro lances temporais... É tão incrível!
3/2 c124 Grim Troll
Okay, that is the first time I've seen the Caverns of Time being used that way... and thats awesome. Its also one of the few ways to make small and subtle changes to the past that does not feel contrived... and makes you wonder why the Bronze would be allowing it. Granted, same time, looking forward to how it all plays out!
3/2 c124 imaunholycow2
I see what you're doing here... Clever...
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