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3/16 c125 Undead Wyvern
Good chapter, though, the ramifications of being in the past wasn't exactly exploited, like, how can Nobu'tan summon specific demons in a time where they surely don't know him, or even, before they even exist, though i can't rightly say i know how a demon comes into existence, whats the lifespan of a Felhunter anyways?
3/2 c124 4Dragon VS Phoenix
Would not Nobu'tan be wearing stormreaver iconography when he freed Thrall? Or did that get covered by the illusion the bronze cast on him? also why do i keep thinking the line "it would not be any fun without rivals" when it comes to Nobu'tan and Thrall!
3/2 c124 Stryderson
Aí caramba, adoro lances temporais... É tão incrível!
3/2 c124 Grim Troll
Okay, that is the first time I've seen the Caverns of Time being used that way... and thats awesome. Its also one of the few ways to make small and subtle changes to the past that does not feel contrived... and makes you wonder why the Bronze would be allowing it. Granted, same time, looking forward to how it all plays out!
3/2 c124 imaunholycow2
I see what you're doing here... Clever...
3/2 c124 Legion29
Ooo i loved that bit at the end of the chapter
3/2 c124 Azarune
First time commentator and long term reader. I really love how you implemented the Caverns of Time effect on the main timeline! I legitimately didn't expect that but it makes everything seem all more real!

This entire story has been an amazing trip and I loved it from the beginning. Granted what I really hoped was more moments of Dad'Dan (or Gul'Dad) but we might get more like it in the near future :D.

I will admit though I did take a hiatus of the story for a time and I lost my place until more recent updates just before outlands. I was wondering if it the idea of having a table of contents is not too presumptuous of me.

Best wishes and stay safe!
2/27 c4 drakiesan
It's kinda boring... Like too much of lore. Meh...
2/24 c123 Boredom174
I very much enjoy your work, I’ve been a big fan of World of Warcraft for many years, and Harry Potter fanfic has also been a large part of my leisure time. It’s rare that I find a fic with Harry clearly working the ‘dark evil’ side for the greater good. I hope this story continues long, and winding. I’m very curious to see what happens to the forsaken. Probably my least favorite faction in the game. For the Horde!
2/24 c123 trutony
It’s been years and yes the constant smirking is still driving me mad. There are other facial expressions author. Besides making people look like greasy, self satisfied fools your also using it poorly. Why the hell is smirking your go to facial expression for your characters?!
2/18 c123 Dymkura
I just want to say I love seeing that I've got an update for this story in my inbox, it brightens my week and I'm always excited to see what's coming, I'll often re-read the entire story when the mood strikes me, think I'm on my 4th go around now!
2/16 c123 2Alvor the Warhawk
Huh. Either a conflict of leadership or a split with the main Horde. Denying them their warlocks and any allies the warlocks might have, along with their families, would weaken the Horde and swell the Dark Horde’s numbers.

That could easily be used to shift the balance of power in and of itself.
2/16 c123 imaunholycow2
If only Garrosh knew the true face of the dark horde, he might be more tolerant of warlocks, yes there are demons in the cleft but they are securely bound by magic to serve the warlocks, who in turn serve the horde, turning the legions own power against them to understand and counter it, he will come around eventually, anyway great chapter as always, only issue I saw was a minor typo in the part where Blaise was returning to Outland, should be soon instead of son
2/6 c122 Alice343
So we going to see both death knights fight each other over prominence? that would be a funny scene.
2/2 c122 Alvor the Warhawk
I would really love to see Nobu'tan going full RTS for a little bit. Sitting down and establishing a proper, multi layered siege, and using his brains to disect and dismember his foes.
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