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for Hinata heinous horror

8/16/2019 c6 Guest
Continue please.
1/20/2017 c6 Guest
You, updated this story. Great.
I like how Shino noticed the subtle changes in Hinata. That's something he would totally do. That should prove interesting later.
Good job pointing out that Naruto's chakra was messed with. Also, I personally think that the only reason Kiba lost is because he wouldn't stop gloating and press his attacks. He kept on giving Naruto opportunities to get back up or make a plan.
I look forward to your next update.
1/5/2017 c6 4ShadowImageComics
hmmm, interesting story and I look forward to the next chapter. I wonder though why did you have this chapter italic script, but then again I am sure there is a reason for it. Keep up with the good work and nice job in slowly showing the changes in Hinata's personality due to Venom.
12/31/2016 c6 SPark681
Nice chapter can't wait to see how Venom changes Hinata hopefully for the better anyways keep up the great work!
11/30/2016 c5 guest reader
take all the time you need i prefer a well writen story
8/26/2016 c4 Guest
Alright, they're looking for Naruto. Cool.
Just keep an eye on your grammar, and this will be good (and I do believe you are improving).
8/23/2016 c4 guest reader
though short i like the chapter also i like you having hinata stutter only so often any time i read a fan fiction that is naruto hinata based hinata's stutter is so bad i think i'm hearing porky pig talk
8/22/2016 c4 SPark681
Well this has been good so far wonder if Venom would cause Hinata to want Naruto more I mean sounds like something like that could happen anyways keep up the great work!
8/21/2016 c4 Guest
Think you can change the picture a little? Don't want to be an idea thief. How about making it look closer to the Naruto universe?
8/21/2016 c4 Guest
8/13/2016 c3 Guest
I appreciate the previous review (and the name change). So she's already more confident, huh? Let's see where this goes. Also, I wonder how the symbiote will affect her interaction with Naruto (at this level, I mean).
Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/22/2016 c3 guest reader
just consider my idea to be another hinata-venom challange you as well as others might want to take on
7/11/2016 c1 Guest
You are seriously cruel for even thinking this up, yo. Poor, innocent Hinata, used like fleshy suit by a symbiote that molestes it's victim before taking control? How could you do this to her, you fiend?!
7/11/2016 c3 3TwilightKingA5L
A little short on the battle, but pretty good. Nice job on this chapter and giving a little more personality to Kiba instead of having him being a over-confident moron. Gope you're having writing this story.
6/30/2016 c2 guest reader
the venom symbiote could enter hinata's body when she is younger and manifest itself before or after the chounin exams or even before the rookie nine graguates
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