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4/10 c6 3WhiteElfElder
This has a good start, but Harry is not acting like a 12 year old...more like a 16 year old.
1/16 c5 hh
bush bitch should be bashed along with the others
12/18/2023 c2 1blcoachmac
Start destroying Dumbledore asap!
11/17/2023 c4 Calebros
I admit, having Peter be one of the witnesses to a will, where he can read that his "friends" don't really trust him is a new one. :)
11/17/2023 c1 Ironcoil
Great story, short chapters but you get a lot done in each chapter moving the story along! Ive always enjoyed stories where Harry ‘wakes up’ to whats going on around him. Always seemed that the canon harry was under a continuous confundus charm.

Really looking forward to any future chapters and see where your imagination will take us.

Thanks for the great read!
10/8/2023 c5 Cassandra30
Reasonable requests from caring, responsible parents. Too bad the Dursleys are neither.
10/8/2023 c4 Cassandra30
Harry is doing good things! Is this reading going to execute the Wills?
10/8/2023 c3 Cassandra30
Go, Harry! Go, Amelia!
10/8/2023 c2 Cassandra30
10/8/2023 c1 Cassandra30
Excellent beginning!
9/20/2023 c6 Pointer3109
Wrong move could have a sequel.
Other countries would care less what Wizarding Britain does.
I really couldn't see myself not working on wandless magic in ant case.

Harry Wakes Op just needs you getting into the grove again. :)

Enjoyed it.
6/21/2023 c6 Beth5572
I would love to see what you write next. Your a great writer and your stories are great too. Keep up your great works of art. I also hope you come back and write more soon.

Thank you and Please.

5/31/2023 c6 Viperzz
are these stories not getting edited and reposted then been a while
3/17/2023 c6 qwirky101
hope to see an update soon.
12/7/2022 c6 4tanis19
Good story so far. I'd like to see where it goes and I'm sorry that you lost all your work.

I had something similar happen to me. I used to write poems and stories but in notebooks and i had two notebooks filled to the brim with them and they got thrown out by my parents back when i was 16 and i got into an argument with them. They didnt tell me until it was too late and unfortunately that totally killed my muse and i have yet to recover it even now over a decade later.
Sorry. Rambling is now over.

Also this is towards a guest reviewer named matt. If you had read the books or watched the movies you would realize that he was referencing the baby dragon Norberta that Hagrid hatched in their first year. Just FYI.
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