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for A Magician's Psalms: PHASE 02

9/14/2020 c4 AltertheSilverBird
Well it is a shame you decide to discontinue, but I can understand considering the story doesn't seem to be getting much traction and the last time you updated was such a long time that you might've forgotten about events you planned out. Still this story was one of the best I've ever seen due to how you nailed each character, how you manage to mash together the Persona and Ar Tonelico universe, two of my favorite universes, and how wonderful the romance between Finnel and Yosuke was.

There were many things I was looking forward in the story, such as Cocona's reveal, FLIP_FUSIONSPHERE the song Finnel tried to cast to sacrifice herself to save everyone which I really would've love to see how Yosuke would've reacted and the party, the parts about "Yuto", and Lv. 7 and 8 of Finnel's Cosmosphere, since I would wonder how Yosuke would react.

But if there was one thing I was looking forward to the most, it was easily how the story ends. Because while the Persona users are trying to go home, for Yosuke to help and heal Finnel's traumatic past and his very depressing way of coping, he'd have to essentially pledge his whole life to her which would mean he'd have to say. How would that work? Would he really do it? How would the Investigation Team react if he did make that decision? That was the one thing running in my mind when reading this story, and while I can't ask to continue if you don't want to, I'd least wish I would've been able to learn how it would've ended. This is just so good, but I understand as the writer you have the right to decide on what to do with it, and I'll respect whatever choice you decide to make.
5/13/2020 c4 isis424
1/5/2018 c1 HeartOfChaos13
I like this story and when will the next chapter release?.
4/18/2017 c3 51ptl
Yosuke's shadow appearing in Finnel's Cosmosphere?!
2/12/2017 c2 origin of summoners
can't wait to see the next chapter i had thought this story was dead so glad to see you are continuing this story its great.
2/1/2017 c4 JK
Just read through both Phases of this over the past two days.

I'm liking how Phase 2 is diverging from canon more than Phase 1 did.

You should really find a beta reader who can catch the many typos you include in each chapter though...
1/25/2017 c4 3PatrickStarSpongy
i like it

can't wait for the next
1/24/2017 c4 ARSLOTHES
looking forward to the next chapter
12/1/2016 c4 4Writer Of Illusion
neh neh dancing time!
Wonder when the leader makes his appearance...
but anyway great chapter
8/7/2016 c3 24Dash master 48
Bear Puns.
7/29/2016 c1 Dash master 48
Are the rest of the SEES gang ever going to follow them?
7/29/2016 c3 4Writer Of Illusion
Nice Chapter!

All of these Moments and A budding Romance is so cute

and the mystery that you put up, my god

Bravo sir/ma'am, bravo
6/17/2016 c2 Writer Of Illusion
hehe this chapter was fun to read! Good luck with the later chapters! and also the RWBY stories
6/16/2016 c2 mega1987
any bets that a fellow cross dresser will know another cross dresser... hehehehe
6/10/2016 c1 Writer Of Illusion
Holy Mother! You Restarting this Project! Ohhhh P3 cast entering the Scene!
So Excited for your to continue

Nice Start to the Chapter by the way, a Great way to start a Phase as well
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