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for AKB49- tHE leGENd reBORn

3/30/2023 c2 Guest
I'm happy that you wrote it! I'm looking forward to the continuation if you ever decide to continue. Have a nice day!
8/18/2022 c2 Guest
Hey thx for trying to make a fanfic storey;) I really liked the akb49 manga. Wish this one wasn't so short, but I like your idea of making him come back as a instructor. Through you got to be careful because the manag did the same consept, by making him help his juniors as a senpai. Also it would be epic if you could tie in the characters from the manga into the story. Like, Alice she kept coming at the end of the story and many more. Also you could work on your wording to describe the surroundings, but not a bad start, wish ya luck;)
9/30/2020 c2 just yuki
Probably not adding some antagonists tho. Antagonists most of the time got downgraded into villain. The manga has done a good job on making everyone side known so they got more background story and proper motivation. If you want to add antagonists I hope it would be like that...
9/10/2020 c2 Kurokawa127
More please
9/10/2020 c2 Guest
We need More!
4/3/2020 c2 1MAC8558
A pleasant evening to you (well it is already evening in my country), I liked your story and it's almost four years since your last update. I hope if you have time, you can continue this fanfic. I just finished reading the manga and I stumbled on your fanfic. It caught my attention and I wish you the best when it comes to writing. If you're ever in a slump, don't worry just write it with your imagination and have fun! Don't force yourself to update if you feel bad. Just enjoy writing :)
3/30/2020 c2 3JdkLeBleau728
Almost four years after the last update and I just found this story...
2/9/2020 c2 Redilier
You should continue this
5/16/2019 c2 Jewlz98
Please update! It's one of the only books about AKB49 manga. And it is a good story...
11/3/2018 c1 dar17kknight
please update
11/1/2018 c2 WOW COOL
Dude this is cool keep writing pls :)
10/5/2018 c1 dar17kknight
update please
6/15/2018 c2 Guest
Yes please! An antagoist!
6/15/2018 c2 Guest
6/15/2018 c2 Guest
Question. Do we have to fill out a certain form about the OC? Or could we just give out names and suggestions on personality and stuff? Or you could follow the current timeline?

BTW, please pleaseee countine this fanfic! I mean please don't if you feel like this is a chore os something. But I really love this mangaka fanfiction series. I've been trying to find a fanfic on this fanfic for soooo looonggggg! ,

Note: I do have an account but I don't remember the password. So I can't re-set it for some reason... But I'm logged out. :T
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