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for A Murder in the Family

7/23/2016 c14 26AJ Freas
Lovely break with Tony. I love that man!

With Brenda and Hermione tag teaming him, Mr. Green hasn't a prayer! Too funny
7/23/2016 c13 AJ Freas
Kurt sounds too 'good' to be true.

Ah and there's Tony's name again. Hmmm... me thinks that his name comes up too often. Maybe that's a sign that it WASN'T him... or ... hells I don't know!
7/23/2016 c12 AJ Freas
oh and the tangled web turns back to the nephew. fascinating

Hermione's grandfather was a cop in LA? Huh, now there's a twist I didn't expect. Oh you really reworked her background. I'm intrigued!
7/23/2016 c11 AJ Freas
Hermione is brilliant. I love it
7/23/2016 c10 AJ Freas
Oooh story time ... and of course that's when you stop. Gah woman! You and your cliff hangers
7/23/2016 c9 AJ Freas
I do like Hermione with Julio ... they look to be becoming fast friends.

Harry's going to deal with Ron? Where's his mother? She'd deal with him so fast his head would spin! I say they should send for Molly!

I have no words. Yes Ron needs help, but ... he's got a long road ahead of him. yikes.
7/23/2016 c8 AJ Freas
Of course Harry didn't hear a thing... they have privacy spells and I know that I would be putting that up if I had a BIL like Ron coming in all drunk and stuff! Erm.. not that Harry could tell THEM that...

Ginny is so oblivious. How could she not know about the abuse? Then again, if you don't want to see something, it is hard to see it...

Oh Harry is in for it now! Honestly, who would ever take Ron's word over Hermione's? Ever?!
7/21/2016 c17 Concrete63
Thank you for a very entertaining story.
6/25/2016 c8 72Evenmoor
I feel compelled to point out that it is quite impossible to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 2.0012. BAC is a percentage of ethanol in the blood. Therefore, a BAC of .08 (the legal limit in California - roughly four standard drinks for a 180lb/82kg man) translates into a blood alcohol content of 8%.

Most non-alcoholics would probably be heavily impaired to totally unconscious with a BAC greater than .20. A BAC of .50 is seriously life-threatening, even to alcoholics. That much alcohol in a person's system can result in severe central nervous system depression, coma, and death.
6/18/2016 c17 Scuzzi
I've been attacking wracking my brain trying to figure out who the grandfather could be (you've mentioned him too much for him not to be important), but I never thought of Columbo. I was totally surprised. I could totally hear Peter Falk in my head though, through that entire scene.
This entire fic has been wonderful, and I'm so sad to see it end. You know what else would be wonderful? A Harry Potter/Major Crimes crossover. . Just something to think about.
Thank you for the awesome story, I can't wait for the next one.
6/18/2016 c17 SereniteRose
this was one fabulous story that you've have written, thanks ever so much for that, I also like the surprise ending with what you bringing in Columbo, I used watch that dhow growing up it was one of my favorites thanks for that as well. and I like the fact that this story had a happy ending I really enjoyed reading these two chapters thanks again. I can't wait for the next story you write. are you going to write anymore stories with Red and Hermione from the Blacklist? I hope so. anyway thank you a bunch. stay awesome and brilliant.
6/17/2016 c17 4Hillmorrr
I don't think I have seen Columbo since the 70's, and I have never seen The Closer, but since I really like your Hermione, and the murder mystery, I had a great time reading this. Thanks for sharing!
6/17/2016 c17 meldz
I KNEW it! It was the nephew! How broke is he when he still have to use the discount card, hahaha.
Well i googled Columbo, it's a separate show but a classic.
Thanks for making this. I really enjoyed it.
Hope we'll read more crossovers from you soon.
Stay safe, healthy and happy.
6/17/2016 c17 1angel897
liked it fun to read, congrats on completing another story :)
6/17/2016 c17 5Cibbler
Well judging by the timestamp I found this story about ten minutes after you posted the epilogeu. Means I got to read this in its entirety in one go. A pleasent afternoon pastime. Great fic.
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