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for A Murder in the Family

6/15/2016 c13 SereniteRose
I'm just so loving this story, it's a good read and a lot of fun as well thanks ever so much, please keep up the great writing as always.
6/14/2016 c12 SereniteRose
I just love this chapter thanks ever so much, I'm wondering who Hermione's grandfather is, and why is it so important that they know about Hermione's past and background? anyway lovely as always.
6/14/2016 c13 babybluebabybunny
I've loved all of your writing so far! But I wanted to let you know that in this story I've started to feel that you're overusing the phrasing "... as much", to the point that it's really starting to distract me from the story. In the latest chapter, there's this part:

Was there a particular reason why you DID AS MUCH? According to everything I've been able to find out, Mr. Gunderson had a spotless record up until the point you terminated his employment."

"It's not against the law to can a guy," he said, sneering as he DID AS MUCH.

"No there's not a single thing wrong with that," she murmured. "Unless you did so for no reason whatsoever and cannot prove AS MUCH"

I'm sorry to be such a nitpicky reviewer. It's the first issue I've had with your writing so far, and I'm much better at criticising than I am at complimenting. _

Your writing is great and I eagetly follow your stories. Thank you for posting them!
6/14/2016 c13 105Shenandoah76209
Hmmm... Something tells me that Tony Green is behind this. Might not have done it himself but he sounds like he's willing to blame anyone but Jack Green for his predicament.
6/13/2016 c12 Shenandoah76209
Oh boy... the plot thickens.

Love Provenza's last line. That's awesome.
6/12/2016 c11 meldz
I had this picture in my mind that while Hermione was describing the suit, the entire team was following her description. Just like watching a tennis match, lol.
Will we get to see the interview inside the Chief's office, pretty please? I want to see if Hermione can make the dude cry hahahaha.
6/12/2016 c11 Shenandoah76209
Oh my... This is just fun.

And now because I love scrambled eggs and potatoes, can you send me the recipe for the egg bake?
6/11/2016 c10 SereniteRose
this was another lovely chapter thanks ever so much, I so love Hermione she rocks, and is so brave and a very strong character, will Brenda and Fritz find out that Hermione's a witch? and will Harry and Hermione talk to each other? and will Harry ask for forgiveness from Hermione? anyway really love reading this chapter.
6/11/2016 c9 SereniteRose
finally Ron's going to get help, and I'm glad that Harry finally found out the truth and as for Ginny now she knows that Hermione never lied and that her brother is a lier,abuser and a cad, but it does look like Ron wants to clean up his act. anyway thanks ever so much.
6/11/2016 c10 Shenandoah76209
Oh my... Love the punch comment. Makes me wonder if Harry's sort of embraced the mentality because no one ever listened to him when he said he wanted to be treated normally. A little odd for someone who was so self deprecating generally but he was something of a people pleaser.
6/10/2016 c9 meldz
Wow, you almost made me cry and it's only 5:30am!
I'm glad that the Potters finally saw the real thing.
Ron needs a lot of psychological help.
I'm glad that Hermione got out of that relationship and became the woman she's meant to be.
Will the Potters get to apologise to Hermione? Because it hurts that you're beaten up yet they still believed that Ron had nothing to do with it.
Thanks for updating.
6/10/2016 c9 2LeonaMasha
There's really nothing to say about Ron. I have all these conflicting emotions but I'm glad you're doing such a great job showing how complex people are. Thanks for the update.
6/10/2016 c9 105Shenandoah76209
Wow... that's something of a miracle! Knowing alcoholics as I do he may backslide from time to time. Or, my personal favorite, get sober and never drink again while changing none of his actual behavior. Depends on whether or not he's going to really grow up and work at it or if he's just paying lip service. There are plenty of 'dry drunks' who behave like that.
6/10/2016 c8 SereniteRose
another wonderful chapter I can't wait for chapter nine, I can't wait to see Harry's reaction thanks ever so much. rocking new chapter.
6/9/2016 c8 04beni04
Part of me wonders if Hermione would want anyone to see those pictures, but in this case, I think they need to. Which is sad.

Then again, looks like Ginny's going to redeem herself somewhat. Good for her! Although Harry ... well, I'm still disappointed in him. He's been a bad friend to both Hermione and Ron - yes, Ron too. I mean, his bad behaviour is all on him and I don't have any sympathy or want any excuses for him, but maybe he would've gotten help, and learned how to take responsibility earlier, if everyone around him hadn't enabled his bad behaviour. Hermione deserves a better class of friends, full stop. And it looks like she's capable of making them, so yay Hermione. :-)
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