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for A Murder in the Family

6/9/2016 c8 04beni04
Part of me wonders if Hermione would want anyone to see those pictures, but in this case, I think they need to. Which is sad.

Then again, looks like Ginny's going to redeem herself somewhat. Good for her! Although Harry ... well, I'm still disappointed in him. He's been a bad friend to both Hermione and Ron - yes, Ron too. I mean, his bad behaviour is all on him and I don't have any sympathy or want any excuses for him, but maybe he would've gotten help, and learned how to take responsibility earlier, if everyone around him hadn't enabled his bad behaviour. Hermione deserves a better class of friends, full stop. And it looks like she's capable of making them, so yay Hermione. :-)
6/9/2016 c8 2LeonaMasha
Ooh... I was wondering WTF was going on with Harry to believe Ron so blindly?! Hello! There's the proof in the pics!

Goodness, just happy that Ginny went ballistic. Phew. You have restored my faith in Ginny, thank you. As for Harry... eh, we'll see.

Great update!
6/9/2016 c8 1angel897
thrilling and exciting to read love to read more so please keep writing and update soon
6/9/2016 c8 107Shenandoah76209
Wow... and here I thought Ginny would be the one in denial. Good for her.

Something tells me that Ron is going to be in danger of being beaten to death himself if he isn't locked away from his family.
6/9/2016 c5 1angel897
awesome chapter
6/9/2016 c7 SereniteRose
I'm so glad that Ginny and Harry got put in their place especially Ginny,(hate that character), but I'm loving that they now are finding out that they can't use Harry's name just to get Ron off. if you ask me Ron should be jailed and found guilty and sentence not here but in England for beating up Hermione. anyway thanks ever so much. question: will Hermione be paired up romantically with someone? anyway thanks ever so much.
6/8/2016 c7 26AJ Freas
HA! Welcome to LA indeed. I love how Brenda put Ginny in her place. Do you know ... pfft, don't care! Oh if I had the energy, I'd be dancing. I'm seriously enjoying your story
6/8/2016 c7 04beni04
Oh, I'm cheering so hard. Brenda is my HERO. (Also, I didn't get the chance to comment on the direction you're taking with Hermione - wow, darker than I'd anticipated, but it adds depths and it's allowing some interesting interaction between multiple characters. Very cool.)
6/8/2016 c7 2LeonaMasha
That's right, Chief! Tell 'em what it's like in the REAL world!
6/8/2016 c7 meldz
I'm mentally doing the jig(is that the right term?), way to go Chief Johnson!
Harry and Ginny are acting like brats, can't wait for Hermione to find out Harry just did the 'do you know who I am?' reasoning. I think the Potters don't realise or know that Hermione holds more power than them in the muggle world being in MI6.
Just love this chapter. And Chief Johnson said mollycoddling! Hermione would LOL when she hears that.
That phrase 'Welcome to Los Angeles' is perfect, it like what you should say before the commercial break or before the starting credits roll. Kinda reminds me of Gill Grisom from C.S.I.
Thanks for updating.
6/8/2016 c7 Scuzzi
"I don't have time at the moment for mollycoddling your egos." "Welcome to Las Angeles" Oh man, that was a perfectly worded Brenda Leigh Johnson set down. I could hear her accent twanging away in my head. Excellent chapter as always!
Also, kudos on chapter five. It was a hard chapter to read (and I'm sure even harder to write); but it was a very powerful chapter.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's chapter. I think I clicked the refresh button on my email a dozen times today waiting for today's chapter to pop up in my inbox!
6/8/2016 c7 2cherri deluca
I love Brenda. Welcome to Los Angeles indeed. I always thought Ginny would be a bit of a snob if she ever latched on to anyone with any power or money. Marrying the boy who lived probably turned her into a first class bitch. Hope Hermione comes to give them the smack down too. Especially after we found out that Harry made all the stuff with Ron go away. Hermione should just wash her hands of all of them. They never appreciate her at all.
6/8/2016 c7 107Shenandoah76209
LOL Good for you Brenda. I wouldn't see Harry pulling that card much but Ginny? yeah to get her brother out of trouble... and sadly that's not what he needs.

Best thing they could do for Ron would be to let him handle his own messes. It's the only way he'll ever learn. Consequences. if he's never had any then he'll never stop making mistakes.
6/8/2016 c6 SereniteRose
I'm so loving this new chapter, brilliant, what else can I say, but you rock!
6/8/2016 c6 26AJ Freas
I love the dynamics between Julio and Hermione. They well work well together.
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