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for A Murder in the Family

6/5/2016 c4 26AJ Freas
Doh! She hit him. Hahahaha okay that made my day.
I love that threatening to call his mother still works like a charm. Shame Ron never grows up.
At least Hermione has a friend in Fritz. That's a plus.
Enjoyed the chapter and look forward to more!
6/5/2016 c4 2gypsymooneysgirl7733
Awe Fitz's is cute when he plays big brother.
6/5/2016 c4 107Shenandoah76209
and the plot thickens.

I can tell already that when this is finished I'm going to go back and binge read just to enjoy it all over again. Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/5/2016 c4 SereniteRose
I always knew Ron was a lousy character, I wish JK would've killed him in the books, thanks again.
6/5/2016 c4 meldz
Lol, only Molly can scare the living daylight out of Ron.
Is Ron the reason why Hermione is in AA?
What a nice story to end the Lazy Sunday.
6/5/2016 c3 meldz
Lol, i was reading your HP/ Blacklist series an hour ago so the 'material witness warrant' is still fresh in my mind.
I'm familiar with the series but I don't follow it, I'm more for c.s.i. N.c.i.s and Criminal Minds (Hermione/Spencer!), but i am enjoying this!
Pretty sure Tony Stark is not in the show. Is this like a cameo?
I was hoping she would ask Sanchez where to go for a good Chimichanga.
Love your take on the common belief that Hermione is a bad liar, hehehe.
And two updates! On to the next one!
6/4/2016 c3 26AJ Freas
I love Hermione. I swear she is my favorite HP character for FanFics and you've got her pegged so well
6/4/2016 c3 SereniteRose
I love this new chapter thanks ever so much. you always write such fun stories and I love reading them all.
6/4/2016 c2 04beni04
Oh man, am I enjoying this! Thank you for posting, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
6/4/2016 c3 107Shenandoah76209
Wow Harry, way to act like a brat. Somebody died and you're worried about Quidditch?

I do love Brenda & Hermione talking to each other. Can't wait to see how this works.
6/4/2016 c2 4Hillmorrr
Good start. I will like to see where this will be heading. Thanks for sharing!
6/3/2016 c2 meldz
Ooohhh this is getting good. Love it when Hermione flashed that badge. I think MI6 has more caliber than FBI yet more classy than CIA, maybe because they're British, lol.
Have to google the supporting cast for this one.
Thanks for publishing this!
6/3/2016 c1 meldz
I think i saw a couple of episodes of this show. The lead actor won an Emmy right? Closer is like a polish version of Saving Grace. Can't wait to read more. So HAPPY you're back.
On to the next chapter...
6/3/2016 c2 PxRudd
I don't know Closer, but I'm liking the story so far!
6/3/2016 c2 city bookworm
Ron's drunk and on Hermione's shit list. And Harry is the one they suspect. At least MI6 is a good cover, it's not like they can say Unspeakable or Auror can they. How many kids are they? And who else is there?
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