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5/22 c10 4hvm2k2
This is more than just One Bad Day... This is a Series of Fucked-Up Events.
4/26 c10 5Kknd2
Oh boy, The Simurgh's timing is really making this plausible. (also I have a high threshold for disbelief about coincidence in general if the work is entertaining, and this remains great fun to read.) Amy sympathizing with Sarah really does work perfectly to cap off this headache inducing mess they're in once again.

That's part of what I enjoy about this story, yeah things are dark, but they're neither grim (well, more than the original was early on) nor lacking in fun. It's rough times but we can feel like our protagonists might just pull it off. Not the way they intended, but the end goal might just happen if they keep at it. Meanwhile Director Piggot's cup continues to run over, because that's what her life is like. The bit with the pigeon really would be tense as hell if we didn't know better. Imagine this same story playing out, but we only see the perspective she and the Protectorate/PRT has? Thriller territory doesn't even begin to cover it. It's great stuff.
3/30 c10 2Jack Inqu
Very appropriate chapter title. This is going to be a very tough situation to get out of for our protagonists.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
3/29 c10 TheChairIsAgainstTheWall
Piggot is suspicious of the pigeons. Skitter lvl 10 unlocked.
3/25 c10 Guest
3/26 c10 Limerick90
Yeah, that falls firmly under the heading of 'Escalation powers: activate!', no doubt about it.
I like it! This way lies entertainment. I'm excited for more! :D
3/26 c10 1Dedischado
You know, for how dark this started, you have turned it into a really interesting AU. Please keep it up.

Also, are you basing Vicky’s responses on the Buffybot?
3/25 c10 JanessaVR
Looks like they're almost ready. Have they called Cranial to get a price quote and book an operating theater?
3/25 c10 1orion0905
This is going to be hilarious in a couple of... decades? Maybe?
3/25 c10 osterreicher97
Lol, that last part.
3/25 c10 wanderingwitchelaine
nice to see an update, heh, looking forward to more!
3/25 c10 2Kaiya Azure
Considering how Brandish behaves, I wouldn't be surprised. It's too bad the heroes keep proving Lisa right about how they can't handle the current situation with any degree of competency that Vicky would consider beneficial. Honestly, if they do succeed at restoring Vicky's memories, I hope she'll be able to remember what she experienced during the time they collected everyone to help her. Maybe not so she would instantly forgive Amy, but perhaps make the therapy/recovery process a bit smoother.

Dean... It's like he took a stupid pill by failing to remember how there is one thing Amy can't or rather won't heal. Even if he wasn't being given enough information to consider actionable, the fact remains that he knew enough about Amy's abilities to make an educated guess at what sort of injury Vicky might be suffering from. Never mind the fact a quick glance at Brandish should have been all the confirmation he needed regarding what Lisa was saying about Brandish.

Speaking of miss firebrand, they really should have made sure she stayed unconscious long enough for the PRT or Protectorate to test her blood so they could see what got used. I wonder what she would say if they asked about the alcohol.
3/25 c10 LordGrimstorm
Well, Brandish is definitely going to be a problem, and the PRT/Protectorate are going to catch on before too long, but at least Dean and Sarah can probably be talked around easily enough. Great update, Ack! Thanks!
3/12 c9 Guest
Great story, I'd like to read more.
3/11 c9 Yogiri
A reminder to the reader (and the author too, just in case) - remember all this is happening because the Simurgh wants it to happen.
If you are wondering about what's going to happen next, think about what Simurgh would want in this situation.

A suggestion to the author - after Vicky's situation has been fixed, or even before that, maybe make Amy feel guilty about not doing enough for Taylor because she was always focused on Vicky.
Maybe get Aisha to feel guilty too, for landing Taylor in this situation. We have never seen her POV.
Remember this is just a suggestion, not even a request.
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