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for One Bad Day

6/14 c13 Aetherium21
Did they not ID Coil as Calvert yet? Been ages since k read this story but don’t recall in recent chapters the PRT noticing from his corpse
4/8 c5 28Kairan1979
"I can explain".

Famous last words. Wait, wrong kind of story... )))
4/5 c6 97531
Cool thinks Aisha is a bug controller? Let him deluge himself.
3/20 c15 Mercutio
Beautiful story. I really enjoyed it. I was scared that everything was going to go horribly wrong and instead it went horribly right! I thought that the 'supervillain party' was the best thing ever.
3/21 c15 Armiture
Thanks for the sort of happy ending and the great fight scene with Circus.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to your next update of one of your other stories.
3/18 c15 1Orannis4
Thank you for making this story. It is sad that their is no part 2 in the works, I would love to see how these 4 would have overcome the challengens that would have come their way.
3/13 c15 Guest
Got thinking control Endbringers
3/13 c15 Guest
3/15 c15 1Self-Aware BG Character
Pin the kidnapping on Emma.

I like this ending. Nice story
3/15 c15 ggf1
Another great story!
Aisha was a lot of fun. Thanks
3/14 c15 Mugen-Muse
Honestly, I was a little worried that Circus might disrupt Vicky's mental recovery by doing something to the machine. Good thing that didn't happen. On the bright side, things appear to have ended well overall.
3/14 c15 D1NGORED
A solid ending to the story, the idea of the simurgh making tv drama out of boredom is an amazing one.

Thank you for seeing this through, I really enjoyed it
3/14 c15 8Ryo Oh Ki7
Love love love
3/13 c15 alaskan-dracolych
Awesome read, very satisfying conclusion, something stories don't get enough of. Looking forward to what you write next!
3/13 c15 zmanjz
Utterly loved this chapter. The tension has been super high worrying about vicky's restoration being interrupted.

That fight was excellently written, and vicky coming out of nowhere was shocking and completely unexpected.

God i love when taylor, lisa, and pan-pan are working together.
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