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for One Bad Day

6/21 c13 1Alehhandro
That thing with the theme party was SO SMOOTH i almost slipped on the lines reading it.

Amazing chapter and thank you for the hilarious fun!
6/20 c13 Armiture
I'm sure that like my reaction, everyone thought that Aisha isn't as dumb as she seems, when the "party plan" was explained. Thanks for the laughs!

I hope that Circus doesn't screw everything up but I get the feeling that everything will happen at once in the next episode as things go Murphy's Law.

Thanks for the update.
6/19 c13 BetaKeja
Why would you assume that a lock that uses magnets would still work when you demagnetize the magnets? Now there's no way to manipulate those former magnets so the lock should be permanently locked.
6/11 c13 haphazard1
Really enjoying this story. As disturbing as the central problem with Vicky is, the group is trying to put things right again. Lots of tension, plot twists all over the place, and the party theme idea is hilarious. I do hope this ends (mostly) happily with Vicky restored, but it is hard to see everything turning out well with Carol, the PRT, and Amy's many issues all mixed together. It seems inevitable that something is going to blow up.
6/11 c13 8Ryo Oh Ki7
love love love
6/8 c13 EP
6/8 c13 Guest
so cool
6/10 c13 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
6/9 c1 BigRig2.0
6/9 c13 2Mugen-Muse
Well, the party theme idea sounds good and appears to be working. Though it sounds like Cranial should have asked more questions for what she considered a "weird job." The PRT and Protectorate at least have the excuse of working with what info they have available. They may be wrong with their conclusions, but still.
6/9 c13 Caver Floyd
I keep waiting for it all to blow up in their faces. Circus will get out, but I can't see her making it far as I'm sure Taylor is keeping an eye on her cell door.
6/9 c13 cameron1812
The party idea is hilariousLove the visuals!
6/8 c13 osterreicher97
Good chapter
6/8 c13 Limerick90
Daaamn this is tense.
I love how they handled Vicky's friends, that was hilarious and lent itself well to making the memory retrieval portion of the plan thrilling, while giving a really satisfying resolution to the whole "how do we keep things secret" question. I love how they arrived at this outcome.

And yet there are still the PRT and Circus in play, the latter of which is the real threat atm to interrupt the party. I so hope that it's a red herring and they either simply put, like, a chair under the doorhandle on the outside, or Taylor has bugs on the situation and they just let Circus do her thing to keep her busy.
Either way, the suspense is there. It's going so well, they're handling the hiccoughs, please don't let there be a trainwreck at the end! x.x
6/8 c13 JanessaVR
They really ought to see that Circus doesn't make it out of there alive and is discretely disposed of.
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