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for Sins of the Father

9/6/2016 c5 Guest
more please!
8/27/2016 c5 Guest
Thank you for this crossover- I needed more batfam in my Gotham :)
7/23/2016 c5 12hppjowf
please update soon.
7/4/2016 c5 A1exanderHami1ton
I really like this story :) I really have no clue what Fish would want with Dick tbh I wonder how she knew about him too.
6/30/2016 c1 elizzakai
6/25/2016 c4 hppjowf
It'll be interesting when Selina comes into this story. Will they slip up about the justice league and superheroes and stuff?
6/25/2016 c4 11The Goddess of Percabeth
still loving this story! like the slight nostalgia, what with Dicks old room and all. the introduction of new characters seems graceful as well. can't wait for the introduction of Selena and others B) xoxo Caroline
6/23/2016 c3 Rose of The Wind1
I've been waiting for a crossover like this for a long time.
6/18/2016 c3 UnWrittenXD
I wanted to leave a review but I don't know what to say other than *heart*
6/18/2016 c3 The Goddess of Percabeth
another great chapter, as per usual. the characters are well-rounded and I'm so, so glad that you aren't rushing things or making events too unrealistic. there's a bit of suspension of disbelief needed here, but not an unreasonable amount and besides, most crossovers require this. the voices of each character are very clear, and not cliche, so I thank you for that. (e.g. dick isn't a total mom who constantly needs physical contact, Damian isn't a psychotic ninja trying to kill Tim to claim his birthright, Jason is an antihero, but more hero than anti and more Red Hood than Deadpool, a mistake commonly made by those who don't do their research. you have done your research.) it's refreshing to see my boys working together. there's just the perfect balance of agreeing and disagreeing and ugh, you're just such a good writer. xoxo Caroline
6/18/2016 c3 12hppjowf
This was a good chapter. will Bruce ever find out that they're his kids? I really need to stop putting questions in reviews, but oh well. It'll be interesting to see Jim's reaction to the situation.
6/17/2016 c2 hppjowf
This is a great story. Before I found this I was thinking of writing a similar story, but I haven't watched the 2nd season, so I was going to wait until I'd seen it. Are there going to be mentions of Cass, Barbara, and Stephanie? Are they going to find out about that time Selina accidentally killed that one guy that was Alfred's friend? Is Dick dating Barbara in this story?
6/11/2016 c2 11The Goddess of Percabeth
very realistic so far. it seems very true of the characters that they would keep this secret, instead of immediately spilling the beans like a less sophisticated writer would be wanton to do. I think this will be an interesting experience for all of them, particularly Damian. Bruce is jaded in Gotham, sure, but not nearly as much as the man Damian knows. he's been too beat down by losing everyone he loves and patrolling the streets too long. whereas in Gotham, he's still very much a child- albeit a mature one. this will be good for Damian, I think, who never really had a childhood, to be exposed to that sort of dynamic.
anyway, this story seems very good so far and I hope you intend on finishing it! xoxo Caroline
6/11/2016 c2 Canary512
I can imagine their faces already lol! I bet they're gonna be walking around the mansion with their uniform lol
6/10/2016 c1 The Goddess of Percabeth
this seems very interesting and I'm excited to see what's next. I encourage you to continue this!
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