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5/1 c9 x29
Greetings first. I have read your story (which is difficult since I can only understand a little English and the translator eats some things) and I really love what you are doing so far.
It seems interesting to me to give Harry the Gamer ability and I can only imagine how it will affect him at Hogwarts in the future (I easily see dungeons in the forest, the lake, and the castle catacombs), but it seems unlikely that anyone will realize Harry's ability and even try to take advantage of it (more now that he will have a family than if he paid attention to him) The character of O'Dimm intrigues me, but after seeing what he asked to help I can almost imagine his future interventions in the boy's life (and it is not difficult for me to imagine that Voldemort has unfinished business with him). For the rest I hope that the story remains as interesting as it has been until now and I want to see what will change in the boy's school life now that he is already fully in the magical world. With that dichop, take care and we'll read another time.
4/30 c9 bloodbrother 18
Can't wait for more post soon and holy shit who is that
4/18 c5 3Merkoid
I honestly thought that Harry had turned into something like an Anzu.
4/15 c9 Hmmm
Interesting! Good to hear that the crossover stuff is being kept to the minimum to make it meaningful when it is used :)
4/14 c9 Ashmole
I am curious how you rationalize him being able to claim Harry. He is not Dumbledores property is he? Why would Dumbledore be able to essentially give others lives away as if their agency is his to command. Harry has never met these people before, he did not consent to any deals. I can only think of the magical guardian angle but still. This also basically procludes Harry ever really making nice with any of them. And I dont mean in the angsty fanfiction trope of Harry being an overly combative ass, but in the "I have literally never met any of you before and you sold me into slavery!" or "my face! my beautiful face!" kind of way. Also "What do you mean your my guardian! Why did you have me kidnapped to only sell me into slavery!"
Also how would his gamer powers tie into this. Unless they come from him (gaunter) or something I dont see them making nice with any outside force attempting to breach its functions. Perhaps an approach where the game desperately fights against it and glitches out a little. Perhaps helping Harry by unlocking some powers and functions super early and hurting him by closing off some functions at random. I dont know. I look forward to tge next chapter..
4/13 c9 Martin-di-Arcov
nice chapter! I'm really curious about how will Harry react when he wakes up
4/13 c6 1Schlepian
Wasn't expecting this sharp departure from normal gamer fic things.

Interesting new creature/animagus take.
4/13 c9 Robs511
I was enjoying the chapter...until that last bit came. That was a huge deal breaker for me. I don't know why the author feels the need to introduce a godlike character and have him play around with the world. His simple presence makes all plots, progresses, threats seem minor and makes me dislike the story. And now that branding thing...like wtf? Unless you have a plot to permanently kill him, i cant see myself enjoying this story anymore. Harry's progress and strength seems absolutely nothing when you have someone capable of casually imprisoning him without even a hint of resistance, no matter how much harry may grow in the future.
4/11 c9 Spellflame
4/8 c9 22Unreal
I'm not gonna lie mate, I love this fanfiction.

On a side note, will he still go through Hogwarts? it might be interesting, but you might also want to take a look at a kind of 'Witcher' route. you know, monster hunter and stuff.

Can't wait for your next chapter!
4/8 c9 28Kairan1979
Aaand... Gunther strikes again! I wonder if The System can offer Harry a way out.
4/8 c8 Kairan1979
Gaunter-O-Dimm? Albus is screwed if he makes a deal with him.
4/7 c7 Kairan1979
So Harry's attempts to hide didn't work against Olivander.
4/7 c4 Kairan1979
Just when I hoped to see Dursleys finally pay, you had to rescue them?
4/6 c9 2Vilkath
This chapter doesn't sit well with me. for all the talk about not trusting Gaunter they still signed an open ended deal? all for something that wasn't even that urgent ? I also really doubt Harry life and soul could be branded by the deals of some one he doesn't even know. one thought my you can say about most deals with the devil, the ones damned are those making the deal... never mind the fact Gaunter j myself said not to mess with fate and here he drastically changes Harry's life.

I hope the deal backfires on Gaunter for this. otherwise its a pretty big hit to the story for me. God like beings running around doing whatever they want with no one to stop them utterly kills the No world. it makes the plot trivial.
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