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for Warlock: Corruptor, Traitor, Hero?

5/19 c12 Wanderer
I'm sure your continuing this story after shadow lands
2/24 c12 Enoc Sierra Vera
sooo... the history is not dropped?
1/15 c12 Fishman498
Good to hear from you again, best of luck mate and you stay safe as well.
8/28/2020 c11 Skorno
Please continue this, this is an good story so far, i want to see the rest
7/24/2018 c11 desdelor97
This was a solid chapter,
Keep up the astounding work.
5/23/2018 c11 2Little Lone Wolf115
I see the difficulty in choosing Jaina or Sylvanas. If you pick both, Eidolon will most likely have to go on his own separate path and then he will have to meet up with them later. Oh just a quick question, how many people voted?
9/5/2017 c11 tamagat
awww... is this dead? ah well! it was fun while it lasted!
9/5/2017 c10 tamagat
utterly magnificent!
9/5/2017 c9 tamagat
we need more fluff!
9/4/2017 c6 tamagat
I VOTE ON BOTH! the more complicated ships are, the more entertaining it is for us audience.
9/4/2017 c3 tamagat
this is fucking awesome!
9/4/2017 c2 tamagat
this story tickles my interest, greatly!
8/17/2017 c11 SOBANRED
Arthas is lucks that eidolon didn't try to kill him at all. Good story cant wait for more.
1/28/2017 c11 SpiffyLeaf
just read the whole story and wow, absolutely love it! ive been looking for a nonsexualized warlock story for ages and just.. thankyou!
1/24/2017 c11 Guest
Please continue this story, it is very interesting and I like how it goes with the Warcraft 3 game, so please continue this.
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