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2/1 c1 3Midgards Ormen
I always find it funny how, even though it’s explicitly stated Nick’s been making 72,000 a year since he was 12 there’s a single scene where he’s sitting on a chair under a bridge and everyone assumes he must be homeless. I’d have thought the more logical assumption would be that as a clever guy and a predator (a fox no less) in a city that was in the middle of tearing itself apart and mistrusting and oppressing predators, he’d decided to lay low away from people for a while.
12/26/2020 c1 2GrandTouring
I just reread the entirety of this story and I love it just as much as I did when I first read it. I love the way you wrote Nick and Judy and how you’ve incorporated Nick’s mom into the story. Not only that, the conflicts you present, like discrimination, Finnick’s sobriety, the romance, it’s all great. I’m not sure if you’ll see this but I just wanted to let you know how much I love this story, and even if you don’t continue, I still wanna thank you for giving it to us either way. Take care :)
9/7/2020 c9 Muxeum
OMG Did Viv just Rainbow Six Siege Smoke reference?
5/9/2020 c24 cyntiabliss06
I come back and look for an update every so often. Really would like this to have some closure.
1/10/2020 c24 SpaceShipEarth1
I loved this story and I hope beyond hope that you will type more chapters of this gem in the future
12/19/2019 c24 Guest
this story isnt dead is it?
10/15/2019 c24 AnimeKing7777
it's been so long I completely forgot about this story. still a great story wish it would continue. hopefully the author is okay and nothing bad happened to the author.
10/12/2019 c1 taytay2212
love this story hopefully one day u will finish it. k want to know wat happens so plz plz plz update
6/25/2019 c24 1SixStringBass
I’m sad that you are on hiatus for this long...
6/24/2019 c18 SixStringBass
You had a pig in a flower shop...you wouldn’t happen to be a HUGE Naruto fan would you...? Because that’s what a Naruto fan would do...
3/7/2019 c1 2Spiritizmo
this is a really good story. i have red it 3 times now i really like your style and the flow of the story is spot on! i hope you get to finish it some day!
1/28/2019 c24 ZootopiaLover34
This story is great. Hope you finish it one day!
12/12/2018 c24 johnnyv1986
This hasn't been updated in over a year... are you ever going to finish it? It would be nice to know how this ends. Please don't be another person who starts something and then never finishes it. At least give us something...
12/7/2018 c24 VidenTarbent
Just rediscovered this. Shame it got abandoned it was really good.
10/28/2018 c24 NoXVZhuusox
This has been on hiatus for quite a while. If this not going to be continued, may I ask how you planned to end this fanfic?
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