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for My Heart Beats With Yours (male SYOC)

1/3/2019 c40 MileyRowling
Nice one!
11/26/2018 c15 3Read.Read.Read.Polly
It's official I love Nigel he's a humorous guy and is someone I feel is a good person to help diplomatically. And is able to make Rose feel loved. He though she is very much an introvert.️
11/26/2018 c14 Read.Read.Read.Polly
I have a story called "Queen to Be" and I already have a Daxton. Based off what I write about him in the future that is something he would be afraid of.
11/26/2018 c11 Read.Read.Read.Polly
that was cute
7/13/2016 c40 2Seventh-Purple-Writer
OMG this ending was truly amazing. I loved that you showed that Phil realized what he did was wrong; however, it is unforgivable. I'm going to miss your daily updates with a story that I love :')
7/11/2016 c40 WiseGirlOnFire
Ah Phil, in all his douchebag jerk glory. I did like that you decided to end it out with his point of view of seeing the girl he loved get married. Any small chance that he may have had with Rose if the Selection really hadn't worked out, he just ruined for himself, and I'm glad he understands that what he did was wrong. I find myself feeling the tiniest bit of pity for him, especially with the last few sentences, but what he did really was unforgivable. He needed to see that despite him quite nearly ruining Rose's whole life, she found love anyway, a love greater than she would have ever had with him. As this really is the last part of this story ever - :( - I just need to say again that you're incredible and I really look up to you and admire your commitment. Best wishes towards your goal of becoming a published author - I know you'll make it there and I'll support you with anything you write :)
7/11/2016 c40 unremarkable worlds
Now it's truly truly over and I'm very upset oh man :( BUT this was a good way to end the story completely, I'm glad that Phil realized that he was a douche and didn't try to expose Rose's secret for his own benefit, but rather accepted that Westley would be good for her and that he didn't deserve her anyways. The little section at the very end about the children that they had made me really happy. I would really like to know more about their future together but I guess I'll just have to use my imagination when it comes to that. Best of luck with all of your future writings, just let me know when you get published and I'll read whatever it is right away ;) Thank you again for such a great story!
7/11/2016 c40 golden tiaras
Aw man, now this really is my last review! One last time, I'm just going to say that this story was incredible and I'm glad I had the privilege of reading it and being a part of it :) It was clever of you to do something from Philippe's point of view as a last thing, and though nothing he could ever say would make me forgive him for what he did to Rose, I'm glad that he realized his mistake and accepts that Rose is gone to him and he would never really deserve her. Also, it made me happy that Kurt was the bestman and some of the other boys were involved too - I don't think I've mentioned before that I love that Westley and Kurt became such good friends. I hope you have a great summer and that I'll be able to read something more from you in the future! Good look with becoming a published author, and maybe you'll also consider making a return to fanfiction sometime in the future ;) I'll certainly read whatever you write!
7/11/2016 c40 6UnderTheJackPine
YES! This was a great ending. Go Westley. I am so so happy it was him. I was so worried Tristan would use Rose's secret as blackmail to get her to pick him. So glad he wasn't a giant ass hat. Good that Phil realized his mistakes, but I will never like or respect him. Congratulations on completing such a big project Abizeau!

Good luck on your original story and getting published someday, I hope to see it at the bookstore sometime in the future :)
7/11/2016 c40 30The Pocketwatch Ripper
-raises a glass- cheers to a lovely end and to your writing too (I'm also planning to write a novel) Lovely story I enjoyed every bit of it.
7/11/2016 c40 Guest
I love you! Never stop writing! You're gonna be an amazing author in a few years! If you really do make a book ima buy it lol. I'm sad this story is done but everything ends at one point. You are so smart and even if this was inspired by Kiera, you were still creative!
7/11/2016 c40 smhuynh32103
This was so amazing. There are no other words to describe it. Well, maybe marvelous... Sectacular... Magnificent... All of the above. Thank you so much for writing this. It was so fun to read and keep up with. I've been waking up early just so I can see the notification that a new chapter has been posted. The anticipation is always there, and it's not humanly possible to say that this was just an "okay" story; it was extraordinary. Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and read the things you want to read!
7/11/2016 c40 1rysarium
I LEGIT SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THAT THIS WAS UPDATED. Honestly I still hate Philippe but I'm glad he finally realised his mistake and I hope he finds his own true love (though I also hope he gets assassinated)

I can't believe the story's finally over! It was such a good read and I loved the way it turned out! There were unexpected plot twists along the way, which ultimately made it more interesting, and holy god are you one of the fastest updaters out there (do you have 10 chapters pre-written every time?)

Are you going to write another SYOC? Any plans for upcoming stories? I'll be sure to read all of them and if you are writing a SYOC I demand to reserve a spot! :P

This is the first SYOC I've started reading hats actually been completed, and I have to say it's also definitely one of the best!
7/10/2016 c39 golden tiaras
Okay well this made me super emotional so let's see how incoherently rambly this review could end up being yeah? I might actually try to paragraph it up a bit haha.
Yeah so OH MY GOSH I JUST- woah I don't even know how to start. You know, I anticipated knowing who was going to make it all the way and become the One from the beginning and honestly I was shocked that it was Westley oh my goodness I still can't really believe it? When I filled in the form for him I never in a million years thought that he would be such a big, important part in this story but look where we are now. I'm also astounded that almost all of my fellow readers loved Westley as much as I did and were rooting for him, that just made me so happy and just grateful, really. I can't thank you enough for including my characters in your story, not only Westley but also Daxton who didn't make it quite so far but still had a couple great moments :) You did more with them than I could have ever imagined; you developed them in ways I hadn't even thought about and took their characterization to levels that I could never have done myself. I'm curious - how long did you have it planned out that Westley would be the One?
On to Rosaline - her character grew so much through the story and I loved it. She went through so much, but was able to push through it and find someone willing to do anything for her and someone who's always ready to comfort her. Speaking of which, I haven't seen a dynamic so sweet and trusting and understanding as that of Westley's and Rosaline's in a long time and just awwww. The proposal had me tearing up - not only the first time I read through it but all twentyish(?) times after that.
All of the boys involved in this story were great - everyone did an amazing job creating them and of course you did an amazing job making them all unique and interesting. Some of my favorites will always have to be Theo, Logan, Hunter, Evan, and Matt - but I really did love all of them and I'd like to think they all found their own happy ending after they left the Selection :)
Not only did the characters grow, but your writing as a whole did as well! It was great from the start, but as the story went on I noticed a ton of improvement with every chapter and when it came to this last chapter I had decided that I aspire to be the kind of writer that you are someday. You're just so dedicated and committed to everything you write - it's always so detailed and thoughtful and thought-provoking and unique and there's a million other complimentary adjectives I could use but none of them would be sufficient enough to really tell you how much your writing impacted me.
I could never write a long enough review to tell you how much I loved this story. It was one of the highlights of my day to wake up to a new chapter every morning, read it a couple times, squeal about for a while, think about it all day, and then try to write a review encompassing all of my feelings. These lovable, relatable characters snuck into my brain all the time (even in my dreams, haha) - I constantly found myself thinking about them and how they'd act or what they'd say in a certain situation. I can't believe that this was the last chapter! It's been a great journey, with plenty of ups and plenty of downs, plenty of drama and plenty of love, and it was everything I could ever have hoped for. Thank you so much for writing this and staying true to the characters and staying committed. This story will remain in my thoughts for a very, very long time, I think 3
7/10/2016 c39 WiseGirlOnFire
This chapter was simply amazing :) It was such a sweet ending to an incredible story with so many ups and downs - I can't imagine it ending any better. I adored Westley the entire time, I'm glad that Rose ended up with him in the end. Despite my thoughts about Nigel earlier on in the story, he really did grow on me and if the One hadn't been Westley I would have been happy to have it be Nigel. I also think that it's really great that Westley and Kurt became good friends. Okay but really this chapter was just one of the best things that I've read recently, but then again the whole story was one of the best things I've read recently so there. This story was a wild ride but your quality of writing and characterization and ability to make things exciting and intriguing never wavered even when the characters were unsure of yourself. I applaud you for your dedication and commitment to this story and I'm really grateful that I got to be a part of it!
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