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for The Call of the Flame

8/5/2016 c4 1Lyxine
Vu que tu es francophone, autant le faire en français.
J'adore le concept de ton histoire, et attend avec impatience la suite. Un héros pour chaque nation / jeu est une idée assez sympa, et j'ai hâte de voir quels npcs vont être inclus en tant qu'alliés ; et les tags de personnages d'Artorias et Ornstein ne font que me faire attendre avec encore plus d'impatience la suite !
6/15/2016 c4 1Lucius-RC-75
I've been wanting to review this for a long time but alas, i've been busy, but now here is the review!

I think the concept of this story is really, really cool! three heroes, one for each game! and all of them epicly connected together in the same timeline, quite cool indeed, quite cool!

Your writing style and spelling is actually quite nice in my opinion, I barely noticed any typos whatsoever in the text, which was a nice bonus if I must add! altough a small suggestion: don't release chapters at the same time! rather what about having the three points of view in one single chapter? that would be more effective in my opinion, but hey! just a suggestion, no need to follow it

I can't wait to see what happens next! I wonder when will our three heroes find each other, hehe! it will be a epic journey indeed

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