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1/8 c9 Dunno
I'm sorry, but Undyne has no argument here. The only reason everyone's not in oblivion is due to the resets. Guilting Sans and falling back on the "children are innocent" thing doesn't cut it when you look at the magnitude of what's happened. Now, she can have all the sympathy in the world for Frisk, that's fine, but to ignore the clear danger they present and the hurt they caused (even if they were in previous timelines) is, it's a complicated issue and she's throwing a tantrum for Sans not treating it as simply as she sees it, yelling what amounts to calling him a coward for being depressed and apathetic over losing everything so many times due to the resets. Resets she can't conceive as well as he can.
12/22/2023 c30 Able and Table
I fucking hate myself...I READ THE GODDAMN ENDING FIRST!?
7/18/2023 c30 fanfic rater 1-5
This was so sweet, and I'm glad they remembered and are healing
7/10/2023 c30 Pjo crossovers
Oh god this fucking story, I actually shed a couple tears at some of the more sad parts. Haven’t tested up in a while either so that was surprising. Gonna be adding this to my favorites list, you probably won’t read this review, but this was an amazing story. Glad you wrote it!
4/30/2023 c11 1g u z-kun
2AM, I am reading through this fast, but not without paying attention. Undertale usually has bad fanfics like Sanrisk with AUs and stuff like that, so seeing something like this is super refreshing and amazing.

Now, I've discovered this fanfic by complete accident, so I'm going in blind, first time and... Wow. This is so graphic, you can feel the emotion through the phrases and... The angst, the mutilation, the grief! This has been exhilarating! I longed for a true dark Undertale fanfiction with actual goodness in it! That chapter with Gaster was so cute I wish I had more interactions with him, haha!

Frisk and Chara's dynamics are amazing and even though I dislike the Evil!Chara headcanon most people have, the fact that they made amends here is awesome. Sans being super biased is a breath of fresh air, to be fair. I don't want no forgiving boney man! I want the cold boned killer (get what I did there? hehe) who just won't fck us up because the game wouldn't let him lol.

Papyrus being smart but not going Disbelief is SO RARE. I LOVE IT! Seriously, I hate when people make him dumb just because he is the nicest guy in the game. He is the only one who doesn't kill you (even Toriel [a boss monster] can slip up, which just makes him so much more badass because his magic control is like, super refined and all) and I can't wait for more of him!

Call me a sadistic or whatever but I really like seeing them suffer, although I don't quite get why Undyne always vomits, and also a few chapters back when she was rinsing her face in the kitchen sink she was bothered by the water but she is a fish so I don't get it- Sorry, just a little rant.

Although I like angst, I also like fluffy things with happy endings. I know this was finished already but I'm hoping for a happy ending haha! Also, I hope they find out about the player (if that's why they keep resetting) or the plot point that makes this fanfic work.

Also looking forward to see how Frisk will kill themselves in the next chapters! <3 peace

PS: English is not my main language, so I'm sorry...
3/2/2023 c30 7Yin-Yang-Yazmine
I normally don't write reviews but this reading this story in full is kinda of a milestone of sorts to me.
I recall finding this story back in a very low point in my life and rereading the suicide scenes over and over again since they were relatable I guess (?) There was something about the concept of Frisk killing themselves with pills that spoke to me, I was never able to read past those initial scenes.

Now I returned to this fix, rereading it with another mindset was interesting, while I do have my gripes about the first suicide (turns out offing yourself with pills is painful) I can understand and see it a vent, similar to the reason why I found and re-read those scenes in the first place so many years ago and once I moved past those initial scenes I was able to find a story that I enjoyed alot, stayed up late at night to read and was overall very invested in, i have no clue if the concepts you present in this story are unique or new. (I honestly haven't even played Undertale or read alot of fanfic for it) but I enjoyed it, it was a good story and the ending was a good solid conclusion, you made me feel emotions and connections to characters I had never really met before or seen much of pior and what I'm trying to get at, is that this is a good story and that I enjoyed it.
Thank you.
11/12/2022 c5 GymNatty321
this seems to be all drama and no psychology.
10/2/2022 c15 ChuLian
I feel a pun here.
8/11/2022 c23 Dude-wtf147
This chapter kinda just... Broke everything? Completely disregarded the emotions of the previous one, turned into a long-winded exposition, and threw out all pretenses of tact and subtlety when it came to Frisk and Chara

I mean, if you have to literally write a character explain why they're acting completely out of character...

Up till now it had been absolutely incredible. Hopefully it'll pick back up again
12/5/2021 c30 Berry Reeves
10 out of 10 would read again
10/25/2021 c30 5Murderleo
sinceramente me encanto, y aunque hay un poco de agujeros en la trama, es realmente buena la historia, mas porque no involucro al 'jugador' y se dio una explicacion sensata, ademas fue entretenido como planteo todas las situaciones de auto desprecio en la historia, lo hizo sentir mas real
10/25/2021 c11 Murderleo
no importa si un capitulo es largo o no, lo que importa son los sentimientos plasmados en ellos, sino, seria aburrido
10/25/2021 c30 3Sm0keyPanda
Christ. This was so incredibly tragic, and beautiful, and it hurt so very much and I loved it. I am so glad I found this fic. Thank you.
10/15/2021 c30 please don't1
absolutely loved it. Hope you keep writing other books like this. Hope you are doing great and keep up the wonderful work! <3
10/6/2021 c15 Serge ant Snash
Jesus, I thought such heavy topics like child trafficking and other dark areas would be reserved to the likes of the LISA franchise, where this stuff both makes sense in the story’s setting and in the overall nature of the world, not Undertale, a game which houses admittedly dark topics yet hides beneath this facade of jovial repetition and jokes to disguise the fact that nothing matters in the end as long as time is meaningless…

You know, actually I can see how this makes sense… I guess I’m just complaining about the lack of good LISA fanfics.

Anyway, this story is great so far at this point, Really making me think about mortality and depressing topics (which is good… I think). I am completely captivated.
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