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for Hostage of the Heart

9/28/2020 c10 jneha2375
Great story
5/16/2020 c7 Guest
This is so much better than the TV episode.
5/16/2020 c3 Guest
Please write more suspenseful, exciting Castie stories.
5/16/2020 c1 Guest
This is good, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting. We love Castle. Wish you’d continue to write more Castle.
1/19/2019 c10 saramalley
I think this is one of the best post 47 seconds I’ve read. Great writing
7/11/2018 c10 Helen Sorrento
I loved this story but it was not long enough
11/24/2016 c10 bob
i don't understand all you reviewers you say he lied to her bullshit he never did he kept her safe by keeping her away from her moms case she on the other hand lied repeatedly to him about saying she didn't remember anything about the shooting she is not only stupid but mentally inmature
11/2/2016 c10 sasans
This was very good. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you
10/23/2016 c9 1mobazan27
At least Castle had a little self respect and didn't go crawling after her.
10/20/2016 c6 mobazan27
Oh my god... I need to go to bed and they're planning to storm in. How can I sleep!?
10/20/2016 c5 mobazan27
These men need a public flagellation and then being skinned alive
10/20/2016 c4 mobazan27
I need to go to sleep, now. But how can I? I'm hocked up on adrenaline.
That bastard keeps slapping her. Grrrrr. He needs to be disemboweled and barbecued.
10/20/2016 c3 mobazan27
Yeah. Lots if nervous, panicky thoughts.
The shit just got real.
I'm so angry at those motherf*ckers on Beckett's behalf.
10/20/2016 c2 mobazan27
I don't know why he's being labeled a jackass. What is he doing? Going out on a date? So what? He's a single man. He stuck around while she was parading Josh around. She left for the summer without a word. To the uninformed, it certainly does appear like she's stringing him along.
Clearly, I'm "Team Castle"
Love the story, btw.
10/20/2016 c1 mobazan27
I'm nothing if not a HUGE Caskett lover but, I always felt that Beckett took Castle for granted for way too long.
I always felt he needed to distract himself while she figured her shit out.
He's Richard Castle, for heaven's sake.
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