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5/13 c39 Guest
Thank you for sharing your story, incredible writing and detail. Loved that you included Rossabi, always liked their relationship. Would have liked to see him return for an episode or two in season 5 after Annie reappears. Also liked the comradery with Ryan’s guys.
12/10/2020 c39 Lorrie
Thank you for your story. I've been re-watching season 5 due to your stories
11/29/2018 c39 poohbear
love it!
5/16/2018 c39 rnrbytheriver
3/5/2018 c39 Me
Thank you so much for writing and sharing your thoughts. I have been enjoying the story and everything. Thank you and hope for more anytime you want. Lots of hugs and kisses and love to you.
11/12/2017 c34 Guest
I love the story cant wait to see what happens next.
10/25/2017 c34 GayleLynn
Thank you for this wonderful story it keeps getting better and better looking forward to the next chapter.
10/23/2017 c34 Poohbear
How far along is Annie
10/13/2017 c33 Poohbear
She finally decided to come home. Loving the story
10/12/2017 c33 Guest
I am happy to read this story and I hope you can finish it, not that I want it. Lots of hugs and kisses for doing this for us
9/14/2017 c32 GayleLynn
Really upset I have got up to chapter 32 love the story and hope you will have time to carryon
7/8/2017 c32 Guest
just read this whole story today, loved it! more soon please!
7/5/2017 c30 Me
I am so happy happy that you are writing again. Thank you so much for entertaining my fantasy. Lots of hugs and kisses
6/8/2017 c1 Me
What's happening here? Why don't you continue? Hope you came back soon. Lots of hugs and kisses hope to bribe you with them...
4/4/2017 c1 Guest
This is another great story. Thank you for writing it. I am looking forward to more.
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