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12/16/2016 c11 spidergirl723
Excellent chapter, thanks for keeping them coming. I have a feeling that neither Ryan nor Annie have read the book "The 3rd Alternative", it was written by Stephen Covey who wrote "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and is basically about finding a win-win scenario. If Ryan hits a brick wall with his way and Annie with hers, there is always another way. I found two actually. One, Ryan could leave McQuaid Security in the capable hands of Arthur and be a Mossad agent full time with her or two, he could let Arthur run McQuaid Security in the U.S., while Ryan opens a new branch in Israel and then in other countries. I remember reading a Nic Bishop interview where he said McQuaid is happy being in the field and as a corporate shark but really, really doesn't like being behind a desk. ( 2014/11/07/nic-bishop-chats-about-covert-affairs-exclusive-interview/) So, I think he would like being an operative or branching out the business and getting out from under so to speak. Just a thought.
12/16/2016 c11 Me
Oh my God, such a sad situation. Maybe in time they will solve their issues. Annie is bleiming herself for loosing the baby, I think. And McQ finding about will be terrible for him too. But hope that they pass through and will be enjoying their relationship in time. I have learned that independent, individual, people with whom you can understand and are good in their hearts you must keep them if they want too, of course, because is hard for them to open up and not feeling like undressed in a room full of people. Update soon thx
12/15/2016 c10 11NightOwlHoot
Aw, thanks so much for keeping up and reading. Makes me happy to know others are into this story. Well if you know my writing, it tends to have a tragic and sad component. So let that be a spoiler for ya! I’ll try to get another chapter or two fixed up. . . Thank you again for reading and reviewing!
12/15/2016 c10 Me
Wow, I need to know more, hope you update soon. What happened with the baby? How will be the interactions between Eyal and McQ or Annie and McQ?, so many variables
Thx for sharing
12/14/2016 c10 spidergirl723
THANKS for all the chapters. This chapter especially left me on the edge of my seat. Cannot wait for more! It's like a race against the clock...Awesome!
12/13/2016 c1 Guest
Thank you so much for writing this story. I love annie and ryan. I appreciate all the time you put in.. I hope you know it's so worth it!
12/12/2016 c9 Guest
My early Christmas present is Season 1 of Covert Affairs. I just watched Annie's first mission with Eyal. Their pairing in this story is on target with those early encounters. He is still her teacher, her confessor, and her back-up. How much has she changed? We'll see if her decision to do whatever has to be done for family is still something she believes in.
12/9/2016 c8 spidergirl723
Awesome chapter. I would have loved to have seen this on screen. I liked how Ryan in the middle of the argument is ordering Annie to go see Costa and go to the cardiologist, lol, that is something he would do.

I also like all the Ryan jealous about Eyal stuff, because he's so controlled, it's good character development to see him unload a bit.

Interested to see how this plays out and they could possibly be together given she is with Mossad now. Hmmm, does Annie join Mossad with her?
12/8/2016 c8 CA Fan
I'm catching up with this story-what fireworks! What a fun chapter. I can imagine those 2 battling it out with Eyal egging them on. Each is so certain that they are right they can't possibly see the other's point of view. That doesn't bode well for a long term relationship, but it makes great reading.
12/5/2016 c7 Me
I was finishing reading and I started to sing rebel yell the part where you sing in the midnight hour she cried more more and more. Funny.
I like Eyal, hope you talk nice about him.
Thx for sharing
12/5/2016 c7 Guest
I needed this chapter! It stirred some memories and filled in some blanks. I assumed after a year together, both had shared more about their pasts, but this version makes total sense. They both jumped into an intense relationship without much history or time to learn about one another. Their relationship is frustrating and seems doomed to the same failed end because of who she has become. Is Eyal the only one who can sustain a relationship with Annie-close but platonic? High price to pay for her and her men.
12/5/2016 c7 Poohbear
Can wait to read what Annie been up to since she left
12/3/2016 c6 Me
I am always checking and waiting for you to write something. Can't wait for more...
12/1/2016 c6 Guest
Loving this story - please continue!
11/24/2016 c5 Me
Hope for more stories soon... Thx for sharing
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