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for Glass Lilies

6/13 c16 GraveDigger
Oh boy, the incoming conversation between blake and yang looks like it will be awesome.
6/13 c16 ApertureSubject
What an amazing story. Hope you continue it, I feel the moment that the team discovers about ken's 10 day experience at aogori tree is closing. Best of luck!
5/25 c16 Guest
I’m so excited for the next chapter! Will team RWBY learn more about the tragedy that is Kaneki? Will Centipede make an entrance?
5/24 c16 Guest
Please update its almost been half a year I’m begging you to please update
5/23 c16 Guest
I’m extremely curious where this story will go because there are so many paths you can take. I wonder which one you will choose?
5/25 c16 cam155
This is really good. Hope you decide to keep it going
5/20 c16 Guest
Please continue the story I’m begging you please!
5/19 c16 Guest
This next chapter will definitely either make or break the story. I’m curious what you are going to do. Is Beacon going to be introduced to centipede and if so would anyone die from his unhinged personality? Can team RWBY even defeat him in his Kakuja form? So many questions and ways that this story can go. One thing for sure though this next chapter might change the story. Sorry for the long review.
5/16 c16 Guest
Please for the love of God updated this please!
5/14 c16 Guest
Question if you were to give Kaneki a semblance what would it be?
5/12 c16 xXx
I bingeread this in one sitting! This is super good and I really enjoyed reading this. Having the relationship between Kane- oh I'm sorry, I mean Eyepatch, and the gals have such a rough start makes the progression in their relationship throughout each chapter super satisfying!
4/30 c16 Guest
Please update the story is so good!
4/27 c16 11FairyTailWzard
I am going to be 100% honest when I say that this story alone is the only thing keeping me in the RWBY fandom and also on , if not for glass lilies I probably would've deactivated my account YEARS ago lmao
I've been following it since the summer of 2016 and each time I go back and reread it I find new details and get more and more invested with the story. This actually got me to go out and buy the Tokyo Ghoul manga so I could track down specific references and panels that this story reminded me of!
I can't wait for the next chapter and I really love your characterization of Kaneki in this story! How you are handling Kaneki's PTSD is unlike any other story I've found and it's one of the coolest things about this story in particular. It's handled in a realistic way (as realistic as PTSD for what Kaneki went through can be lol) and respectfully and I love it.
I can't wait for the next chapter! Good luck with your schooling and everyday life!
4/24 c16 Beersaid
Oh boi. Will Weiss ever know why she just acidentally mindcrank kaneki? Cant wait for next update. Awesome story!
4/24 c16 ApertureSubject
What an awesome story. Binged in a week. I also think that when Yang and Blake lose to Adam if it happens then Kaneki gets to save Yang and has to eat her lost arm to do it would be such a great twist. Another review suggested it and I agree tgat would be incredible. Imagine the look on Adams face.
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