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for The Bidders and The Hunted

6/22/2018 c9 Issy
this was great I hope to find more. I couldn't stop smiling. I wonder what will happen? Are you going to make more chapters? If I was a rater for fanfictions for kissed by the baddest bidder this one is my most favorite fanfiction and I would rate it 1,000 gold starts. I wonder what Riley will do? Will she sucessed or will she not be able to kill her childhood friends? Can't wait for next chapter. Also is this ment to be an Eisuke x OC story? Also I wonder if Eisuke and the guys will cought on to what Riley's real job is? If they do Will they be able to trust her anymore? Or will she be able to keep that hush hush. Will Eisuke have feelings for her? Does Baba and Ota know that Kenzi hacked their phones. Will Riley be found out? What will happen? I had a lot of fun reading this. I have a sujestion. WHy don't you have Riley be followed by Eisuke,Soryu,and luke and they find out one of her plans and start thinking of why she is doing what she is doing? I also think maybe a little bit of the fours past at boreding school that would be pretty cool. Anyways I hope you have fun making this fanfiction.

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