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6/21/2017 c14 1rc48177
Kek Kek kek.
5/23/2017 c1 QuestionsForSome
Will this fic get updated in the near future?
5/17/2017 c13 Areadbhair
I must admit, you are beginning to become one of my favorite authors on this site. Between both of your stories you have displayed a masterful understanding of pacing, proportionate drama, likable characters, and most importantly, a congruent understanding of both settings and how they impact each character (most stories have at least 10 fallacies to the original content while you have half of one between your two stories so far). All together, these skills have culminated in what will surely become two of the greatest crossovers in the Warhammer community. As of yet, I think the only stories that you'd have to struggle to out-do would be The Confederate and Honor-bound. Whatever the case, I eagerly await the next chapters of both your stories, and thank you for two fantastic reads!
2/8/2017 c10 Warpwind
there is some serious gay tension here. Ilitarus x Cap?
2/8/2017 c9 Warpwind
oh, here he is.
2/8/2017 c8 Warpwind
where the hell is darksouls guy? was he just a monster of the week?
2/8/2017 c6 Warpwind
there are kingly hive planets? you mix those up with paradise worlds. Hive planets are mechanical version of hell.

Also, according to wh40k roleplaying game space marines equal x5 elite stormtroopers, not more.

daemon corpses vanish upon death, no?
2/8/2017 c2 Warpwind
single cruiser would destroy 1 hive city max, and that's very unlikely.

planetary army burning with innocence, that's a first.

why would a cursed, undead monster show any remorse towards murdering imperial citizens en masse, souls are souls. Also, populations exposed to Chaos to that degree are generally summarily executed. If not that inquisition or someone else would make the news classified. Practically no chances that 'legends' on something like that would be just floating around. Even so, it would be branded heretical abomination pro haste.

just how much time has passed since the reawakening of the undead? you say he had hid for centuries on some hive worlds? then, astonishingly little has happened. it's more like a decade has

also, wouldn't it also find the servants of the emperor particularly delicious?

good call on 'Beetle Man' nickname
2/8/2017 c1 Warpwind
demon princes have pretty good regeneration, they don't bleed out like that.

you just said 5 brothers were crumbled by demonic hammer, then say 5 suits of empty armor would decorate the armory... choose already.

blades for thrusting are viable combat weapons.

why would a virus bomb make sense against a desert planet, with no life on it?

astral projection? what does that has to do here? blade is right there.
2/7/2017 c13 2ManwithaPlan113
Well time to wait
2/6/2017 c3 ManwithaPlan113
Why did that sound familiar...?
1/18/2017 c13 overtoast
It is the 21st century, and this fic continues to be great...
1/17/2017 c13 3Heitomos
A nice little warm up chapter to something bigger, I'd imagine. I wonder what The Eater will get...
1/17/2017 c12 Heitomos
Oh man, I have been waiting so excitedly for this. I can't wait for Arumot to speak or something of the sort.

The language you use is superb, and fits the 40K setting so very well. Kudos.
12/15/2016 c11 guest
great story. keep up the good work. hope I will get the opportunity to read chapter 12 soon. but no rush, take your time if needed.
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