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2/28/2017 c1 inactiveuser2017
Oh I just found this and it's lovely! Wasn't that a Crutchie reference I saw? You sneaky sneak ;)
7/4/2016 c1 47ValandMarcelle
Oh my goodness! You are definitely not the only one in this fandom! I love the musical version of Tuck Everlasting so much, it's unreal. And I am so thrilled to see that you, one of my fscorite authors, is also a fan! This story is so amazing, I can barely say. I love how you highlighted the juxtaposition between Jesse's desire to see the world ans be free with Miles's wish to simply live a normal life. It's such a significant difference between them, and I love that it was shown so clearly in this piece. I also really, really liked the use of time as a concept in this piece as well. Jesse sees his immortality as a gift, something to take full advanatge of, while Miles sees it more as a curse. He feels that he's doomed, not blessed, ans his family being taken from him only reinforces that in his mind. You made that all so clear in this story, and I absolutely loved it. I also like the brotherly bond the two have despite all of their differences. Jesses is still the first person Miles came to when he was hurting, and I just think that is so important. Essentially, this piece hit on all of the things I love about Tuck Everlasting, especially since Miles and Jesse are my two favorite characters. Please, please write more for this fandom! In fact, maybe we should write something together! Anyway, this is fantastic and I love it and thank you for writing it!
6/13/2016 c1 25Ostrich on a Rampage
Was that a Crutchie reference in there? Due to the whole Andrew Keenan Bolger being both Crutchie and Jesse? I hope so. Or else I've really lost it and everything is just Newsies to me. Anyway, I want to be in the fandom, but a) I haven't found the soundtrack yet and b) starving college student who can't afford to fly out and see all the Broadway musicals my heart desires. That being said, I loved this story. It was sad and you know how much I love sad things. Keep up the fantastic work!
6/8/2016 c1 46Anjion
A lovely story. I've never seen or read Tuck Everlasting, but I know that Jesse is my favourite character because of who plays him... This is really good!
6/7/2016 c1 35Hufflepuffection
Jesse is my favorite character, and you wrote him justice. Please make another TE fanfic!

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