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8/20 c46 2HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
This is really great so far! I can't wait to see more of it!
8/15 c44 MF
Nearly Headless Nick and the white stag . Harry is a mad genius
8/14 c27 MF
Harry is a genius playing Lucius like this and really heartbreaking and sweet that Dobby was accepting his new fate but then was free.
8/14 c24 MF
Lovable sweet Luna , Troll Harry, And awesome Fleur. Rereading this made me see how good the story is.
8/14 c17 MF
Tiddy is a menace and we love her !
8/14 c16 MF
Chapter 16 , such a simple but emotional meeting, always love the familial relationship between Sirius and Harry. Kudos many shall you have.
7/27 c25 Guest
That's was fucking retarded
7/27 c1 Guest
Why would you ever change that piece of shits death, if anyone most assuredly deserves to burn in hell it's that bearded meddling manipulative goat fucking piece of shit Albus too many middle names Dumb-as-a-door.
6/24 c46 MF
This story is ... AMAZING. Man i wasn't 100% sure the first chapters but afterwards have a way with this story that make it great i sincerely hope you continue it , (pretty please with cherry on top ) ( i hope i didn't butchered the fraze) ! Have a nice day .
5/20 c46 gaul1
Great story, wonders what Harry will do next.
5/14 c46 Idrinktomuch10
Enjoyed this story, sorry to see it go so long between updates. I hope you continue
5/13 c25 Idrinktomuch10
Really had to make this weird. The whole cross dressing thing isn’t even funny
4/28 c46 8red neo ranger
Loved it cantvwait to read more
4/25 c46 atymer
I am enjoying the adventures of a clear thinking Harry who takes advantage of opportunities to impede any progress old Tommy tries to make.
It's a breath of fresh air not having to witness excessive descriptions of Dumpy's robes. Whew! Some fanfic writers seem obsessed with that. Thank you dear author. I look ahead to further adventures in this 'verse.
4/18 c1 4Sagar Kumar1
why not include luna and Fleur in Harry love life
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