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9/25 c32 OMSdigifan64
This was really good, hope you update again soon :)
9/24 c32 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and thanks for sharing!
9/24 c32 fluke2441
This is a really fun story, light hearted and fun to read. I just found it, but I'm already looking forward to more! Thank you!
9/23 c32 Choubie
A chapter of Potter Club : a candy at the end of the day.
Thanks !
9/23 c32 wanderingwitchelaine
brilliant chapter, look forward to more!
9/23 c31 wanderingwitchelaine
thats hysterical. love when a plan comes together, look forward to more
9/23 c26 wanderingwitchelaine
hah another great chapter, i adore Luna :) look forward to more
9/23 c21 wanderingwitchelaine
oh well, Fleur would be a nice pairing one of my favorites actually, :) look forward to more
9/23 c19 wanderingwitchelaine
brilliant as always, look forward to more
9/23 c16 wanderingwitchelaine
we'll a competent Fudge, who would have thought, then again a politician he now has both HP and a Black thinking kindly of him :)
9/23 c15 wanderingwitchelaine
nice ending to first year, Tom got his and great fun was had by all :)
9/23 c12 wanderingwitchelaine
yay Daphne and Tracey, fun, look forward to more
9/23 c11 wanderingwitchelaine
very sweet, look forward to more :)
9/23 c32 myafroatemydog
Damn good chapter
9/23 c8 wanderingwitchelaine
at the end should have said Susan, anyway lovely chapter, look forward to more
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