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8/28/2022 c22 1TheGreatBubbaJ
8/28/2022 c21 TheGreatBubbaJ
Quite the different second year. Hopefully Lockhart doesn't do anything too horrendous.
8/28/2022 c44 Stefan Bathory
I enjoyed this story that I followed since a lot of time.

Sorry to not posting a review before.

Thanks for this story and I hoped for new chapters.

It is always a pleasure to read you.
8/27/2022 c20 TheGreatBubbaJ
Interesting to get a look at the dynamic of Lunas parents.
8/27/2022 c19 TheGreatBubbaJ
Perhaps an old unpopular Lockhart?
8/27/2022 c18 TheGreatBubbaJ
Oh boy another club.
8/27/2022 c17 TheGreatBubbaJ
I wonder how Lucy will react when nothing happens this year.
8/27/2022 c16 TheGreatBubbaJ
Well now quite the change.
8/26/2022 c44 AWantOfEternalLife
I’m a little curious at to what she thinks she can accomplish. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the wizarding world would celebrate strong magic? Seems pretty short sighted of her; even though we know it’s a crusade against Harry. Also is there going to be another student exchange? Because I image she will very easily cause some sort of international incident
8/26/2022 c15 TheGreatBubbaJ
Always was odd to me that Tom didn't take the chance to be a good teacher.
8/26/2022 c24 AWantOfEternalLife
I’m laughing so hard at the conversation between Luna, Fleur, and Harry
8/26/2022 c14 TheGreatBubbaJ
What a convenient tool for waving away circumstances needed for things to proceed properly.
8/26/2022 c13 TheGreatBubbaJ
A good bonding experience.
8/26/2022 c12 TheGreatBubbaJ
And the changes begin.
8/24/2022 c11 TheGreatBubbaJ
Glad the lad has his cloak.
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