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11/15 c50 SadMeatBag
Congratulations on the 50th chapter. The story has come far and getting better every chapter.
11/15 c47 Flygar
yeaaaah, actually fucking attacking him? Fuck off with "it was just a test", no one sane actually pulls that shit and expects to be on good terms when all is said and done
11/15 c50 4Monster King
Please continue
11/15 c50 sfu
Now Harry can finally stop attending school and start his first job as an DADA assistant teacher.
11/15 c50 18PhaedraZev
happy 50th!
11/15 c50 myafroatemydog
The fastness which i clicked on this chapter to read it is crazy. Great chapter
11/7 c5 tylor13roney
also why join quidditch it's a waste time specially with Oliver as their captain I believe he was trained to half life and was always tired

surely he should be planning his own fucking survival unless he hopes for everything to work out like his kids books
11/7 c5 tylor13roney
seriously making potter dumb again

after living a life as a puppet surely he could of learned that a dark lord does not fail a basic spell

yes it's basic only weakness is eye contact on the object and muttering the spell so yeah unlikely
11/4 c3 santos.luis.contato
han? If they were in the Headmaster office, why would they need to get the staicases? Headmaster office and Grifindor tower is in the same floor (7th floor)
11/3 c49 Force Smuggler
11/2 c49 19orthankg1
Very nice. And I must admit it's nice to see a time travel gig where he actually reveals the time travel to a group at large.
11/2 c49 MF
Harry being a little bit dramatic revealing himself to the adults and Pandora are pure gold.
11/1 c49 KenwayS220
Ugh why must you torture us so by ending it like that, i hope the next chapter gets here soon I really wanna know how this all goes down its so good
11/1 c49 gwb620
A thousand years ago, not a hundred. Also Remus is already dead when Harry goes to the forest to sacrifice himself. Harry sees him and Tonks lying dead next to each other.
11/1 c49 Zeuseus
I love when people save Pandora. She's generally portrayed as a more mature version of Luna that has a better understanding of how to interact with other people which makes her work as a fantastic foil to all the serious adults XD
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