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11/1 c49 sh777
Thanks for the update
11/1 c49 18PhaedraZev
And so, a truthful batch of chaos begins!
11/1 c49 Commando678
love this part of time travel stories
11/1 c49 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
11/1 c49 2HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
I always enjoy your work. Just wish the chapters were longer. Anyways, hope the next one won't be too long of a wait.
11/1 c49 sfu
Nice, I like the portrayal of Pandora and where this story is headed.
11/1 c49 myafroatemydog
You cant just leave it hanging like that. Good chap
10/26 c48 WildOnionTops
Loved Draco turning on Umbridge and teaming up with Harry
10/23 c48 19orthankg1
Very nice.
10/23 c46 KenwayS220
Awesome chapter and overall amazing story, im so looking forward to the talk harry is going to have especially now that i know pandora is going to be there really looking forward to the next chapter

Btw is this a harem? Because so far the girls that seem to have feelings for harry are hermione and susan, with luna and fleur being being big maybe’s what with pandora really pushing for it and luna well being luna its pretty 50/50, as for fleur well you did mention that she had a thing for Harry so now that they met so soon maybe the second time they meet during the tournament maybe that will prove to give the extra push she didnt have before to try to be something more with harry, which coincidentally the tournament could also be used to give hermione that extra push too

But thats just me i dont know what you have in store for this story but im looking forward to it, I just wanted to ask if this was going to be a haremI hope so )
10/23 c1 Wijibo
Just letting you know that ff isn't updating the emails, so they won't get the updated story unless they are paying attention to their followed stories on the site
10/23 c48 myafroatemydog
Another fantastic chapter
10/23 c48 gwb620
Excellent chapter!
10/23 c48 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue I'm enjoying the story
10/22 c47 Mystogrigen
Here it comes. The big reveal. Hopefully Dumbledore gets his mind blown with a good chunk of his bad decisions.

Also, can we go full Lovegood on the reveal? Harry needs a corkboard, yarn and lots of pictures and parchment. A conspiracy board. Ending with a big obviously wrong conspiracy theory to end on a cliffhanger. "Based on all of this information, Dumbledore isn't really Dumbledore, but Grindelwald in Dumbledore's body while Dumbledore is in Gellerts body in Nurmengsrd." and the next chapterI'm just messing with you".

This is where Amelia could slap Harry on the back of his head.
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