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5/27/2020 c4 1SuperSaiyanTeemo
Great story so far, though i noticed one mistake. every once in a while you switch to using first person, using i and us, then switching back to using he and they. pick one and stick to it since it can be quite jarring
12/3/2019 c1 Sciathin Fae
Oh this is grand! Wish you would continue.
5/2/2019 c7 4Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
3/13/2017 c7 crspens
I have read thousands of FF stories since about 2006 or 2007. I rarely find reason to comment because so many of these stories are so similar. Your story is completely unique and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's well written and a lot more likely than some of those superpower stories. Thanks for an amazing story! I hope that you haven't abandoned it. And I hope real life is going well for you!
11/2/2016 c2 guest
great story! please dont abandon
9/5/2016 c7 Fallow53
xxx Kudos xxx : )
8/23/2016 c4 sunsethill
You have a real gift to describe scenes economically but vividly. It's a good thing Harrison is so mature and has the help of Nagini if he's having to deal with all the consequences of the castle recognizing him as a double heir.
8/23/2016 c1 sunsethill
This is a very interesting start to your story. I always love it when Harry gains true knowledge of the Founders.
8/1/2016 c7 pgsca
Very interesting, can't wait to read more!
7/26/2016 c3 mimosa
Harry Potter with olive skin?
7/26/2016 c1 Guest
Not a bad idea. However, you will have to do something about the grammar to make it easier to read. Read the chapters out loud before posting...that should help.
7/26/2016 c2 Millie
Intriguing! An original idea. Bringing Harry into Hogwarts already knowing he's powerful, exceptionally powerful and well educated. Not totally new but this is a different way, bringing up the ancestral power in place of the Potter lineage. Hogwarts has no idea what is coming. Let alone Albus! Will the MOB still try to gain control? Will he still be sorted into Griffendor or will a new house be created for the heir of two founders? After all, one house can't be favored over the other without some problems, I imagine. This is well written, well plotted and developing nicely. Hope the next update isn't quite so long in coming. If it is, so be it. Please keep writing. Thank you
7/27/2016 c7 starboy454
good story
7/25/2016 c6 1geetac
Wow Hermione, Harry and lady smith helped save the school
7/25/2016 c6 1buterflypuss
good chap
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