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for Harry Potter: The Prince of Atlantis

1/22 c21 comodo50
This is a really neat fic. Didnt recall your username at first, gave a look and found the KotoR fic I faved long ago. I feel like you have made such big progress in your writing, this fic is outstanding, might not seem much from random dude in the internet though.

Anyway, if there is Robin, and Raven, guessing there's no Teen Titans yet? OR they are but here she is... huh.

ALso, hopefully some stuff will go in HP way soon, feels like he is just rolling with the punches atm

looking forward to next chapter
1/22 c21 1MageVicky
omg rachel! love her. great chapter!
1/22 c21 Moilanen
This is fantastic work! Thank you for your effort!
1/22 c21 Bamby20011
I love you and this story and everything in this universe that aided you in it's creation. Not commenting till now was a serious oversight on my part. I deeply apologize about that. There is no fault I can find in this masterpiece. Seeing the update notification was better news then the pandemic being over could have ever been :))) Everything is perfect; from the way you write to the way you portray the characters. You leave nothing out. I gotta tell you. This fic ruined me for any over. I just don't know what I love most about it! IT'S PERFECT! Though I myself am not big on politics you, my dearest writer of them all, have just managed to catch me in you web. It was masterfully done. My deepest respect!
1/22 c21 2Marmot95
Ha... Should have known that it was Raven that Harry will meet next from the DC universe...
Nice chapter...
Though to be real here it was Constantine who he met first. But I did not count the adults as I was thinking of possible partners/friends/team mates... I kind of expected an Amazon.
But Rachel does add a nice contrast and possible conflict into the mix. And no one can say she would be pushed into the background because she is weaker than Harry...
I don't know how trained she will be in your story, but her potential is definitely great...
This does reawakens the lust for more ;)
1/22 c21 Greyjedi449t
Though not your favorite to write, i think you did a very good job with the politics.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/22 c21 4Althyrios
Yay Raven !
I vote for Harry x Raven !
1/22 c1 Guest
I hope this isn't a story where he forgives the dursleys
1/21 c21 1Currahee506
great chapter tylanoid
1/21 c21 lita162020
pls update it was getting really good
1/21 c21 trix87
Great chapter. Keep up the good work :)
1/21 c21 3SanadaTenchi
...RAVEN! YES! I love Raven! lol thanks for the update and I look forward to the next chapter.
1/21 c21 arrow84
YAY NEW CHAPTER! Solid work, truly enjoying the story!
1/21 c21 VeronicaD13
Oh poor harry! Are you ever going to get to stop and actually learn from Constantine what he is actually doing at the school or how he managed to do what he did?

Although the break from class was good I do wonder if Fudge and Umbitch won't start trying to make waves sooner than next year? Or perhaps we'll combine book years from the start? Either way I really really want somebody to smack both of them down and hard! Lol!

I'm almost scared to find out what this newcomer is going to be. I mean I get it's the wizard tournament but with a lot of schools now but I'm still curious as to what's going to happen next! What twists and turns you have around the corner!

Can't wait for more!
1/21 c21 3justus3138
Another home run. Adding Raven was not something I expected and I think that your doing a better job then I would have with the political aspects of your story. So many possibilities and no concrete idea of what will happen in the next chapter. Can’t wait.
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