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6/7/2021 c7 1salmon to go
i hope you can update this story when you find time to
6/7/2021 c5 salmon to go
this story really deserves more love
10/29/2020 c7 Reluctant2Grow
I love this story! Please finish it someday! Its amazing !
7/18/2018 c7 Guest
This was amazing! I'd love to see more, thanks for writing this!
6/4/2018 c7 Guest
This is an absolutely stunning piece. I’m in literal awe of the story and am really hoping that you update this again!
4/7/2018 c7 15Blazingfyres
I'll wait, too, man. As long as it takes.

Thanks for the read,

11/11/2017 c7 Guest
Are you ever going to continue this? It's been a year, almost two. The story has potential. It would be a waste to abandon it.
7/9/2017 c7 2ColoursWillNotFade
Awesome fan fiction, I've never seen anyone write it like this and I know it's been awhile, but hopefully, you could update soon? However, if you can't update at the moment but you are planning to, then I can wait. -
4/10/2017 c7 Jessie
So good! Plz keep writing! This is fucking awesome! 3
7/12/2016 c7 1I-Love-Trunks1
Poor Yato and Yukine, it’s sad what happened to them. It’s nice how Yato is helping him. Yato and Hiyori are so cute and adorable together! I love how the story is in Yato's pov. Yato is my favorite character! I hope he and Yukine will be ok. I love this story so much! Cant wait for more!
6/15/2016 c7 1Nagikae
(Haven't commented before since I wasn't logged in, sorry I guess?)

I really really really realy love this story. The story itself, the writing style, pretty much everything. Seriously, it's great! Can't wait for more.

I do have one or two questions, though: After all Yato has been through, wouldn't he kind of hate playing the Violin? I mean, I get the "playing on the street part", but why wouldn't he decline playing together with Hiyori? Dunno, but that's what I'd expect, at least :D!
Anyway, I forgot what else I wanted to say, so ye, sorry :P
6/15/2016 c7 6Kinsutenekochan
I love this! There is such great description and I really feel like I can get inside Yato's head. The sick part of me really wants to see what will happen when he meets his father again. Great chapter, keep it up and thank you!
6/15/2016 c1 cheeseries
looking great so far. looking forward to more! Loving the quick updates too!
6/14/2016 c6 Guest
I love this fic so much. I come on every day specifically to see if you've updated. Keep up the good work. :)
6/13/2016 c6 6Miss28
This fic is absolutely breathtaking.
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