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1/31 c37 1CTuTD
Was going to continue the story?
1/22 c1 99.kazuma
La das a continuar
1/17 c10 1Fildde
10/21/2023 c1 1Ogay The SIMPson
Prologues like this are some of my favorite. They give me such poignant feelings, enough so I can shed the good ol' yearly tear.
9/26/2023 c37 99.kazuma
cuando sale otro cap
9/3/2023 c6 Axccel
I mean, we see for ourselves in the show that there isn’t racism against faunus. The closest are traumatized veterans, bullies and criminals who treat everyone equally badly, and rightfully wary security personnel. Oh, and a drunk whose, y’know, drunk.

On the other hand, there seems to only be one or two faunus that are bigoted racists.

On top of all that, canonically faunus have had equal rights. Apparently since the end of the Great War. Meaning the faunus have absolutely zero excuse or reason for their behavior.

Fics and fans treating them like victims are totally wrong, and blaming humans is the epitome of victim-blaming.
8/16/2023 c25 Solace Hollow
holy shit mans had undershirt from battle network
8/16/2023 c23 Solace Hollow
Been rereading this goddamn masterpiece, and The DLC, at multiple points, brought me to where I needed to do the fucking captain Kirk disappointed pose with the biggest smile on my face. If you are reading this, Neo Shadows, I beg of you, please come back to this story! It is such a fascinating world you have set up, and the things like Cardin and his team being actual characters, and Ren having the same outlook as SANS "ALREADY BEFRIENDED YOUR MOM" UNDERTALE make it one of the best stories I've read on this site.
7/11/2023 c37 5BlackGodofDarkness
Great story. love it and hope you update it soon.
5/23/2023 c37 9Xyrothor
One thing I can say for sure is that this story was positively surprising. The OC's aren't bad, the jokes are funny and I laughed quite a few times.

In my heavily biased opinion it would be cool for Weiss to have some kind of flashes from the first chapter, the world of this story is full of glitches after all. It would be quite interesting, such interaction, her having 'dreams' about Jaune defending her and getting nearly bisected by a chainsaw. She knows about the scar and it would no doubt confuse her.

If I understood the DLC chapters correctly, the Red Riding Hood implied that she felt as she knew him much better than the short time they didn't together would allow to. That part of the story was quite cool BTW. I'm a sucker for well written isekais and that part wasn't bad.

I'll certainly wait for more!
4/21/2023 c1 Xyrothor
The sheer amount of cheese in the first chapter caused my cholesterol to skyrocket... cheese is good...
4/21/2023 c30 AzureDragon363
is Gaston based on Lockhart from Harry Potter but actually dangerous?
3/27/2023 c31 Haremking001
Why the heck isn’t anyone sending out someone to kill that annoying fake knight?!
3/27/2023 c28 Haremking001
Why the heck would you trade one of the most powerful things for a simple lesson that you can get by talking?!
3/27/2023 c25 Haremking001
How the heck did that that guy get his xp when the mc survived?!
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