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for A Jedi in Dumbledore's Court - Episode I

9/24 c18 cameron1812
Absolutely brilliant. So many great parts of this story, but the part on this chapter where Dumbledore talks about how Sybil may have faked the prophecy to keep her job... (old, but not clueless, etc...) just made me sigh with content. Good stuff. Thank you!
8/30 c18 midnightscar17
Please update soon
8/2 c11 Olegreyowl
Thank you for the part about Dysgraphia. It's not a fun thing to be told you're just lazy and not trying. The one thing that helped me a lot was taking a drafting class. Not computer drafting but drafting with a t-square and mechanical pencils on a drafting board. Showing my age here. Apparently because of the precise nature of lettering in drafting it uses a different part of the brain. The artistic drawing part not the part normally associated with writing. It's slower but you can read it.

As for the story, very nicely done. I'm really enjoying the tone and character voices. Oh and the descriptive prose in the first chapter with the entry of the two starfighters was really excellent and engaging.
7/9 c3 1Nathow
Hello I would like to say that this fanfiction is marvellous and very well written please update with a sequel story if you are going to be writing a part 3 your chapters are magnificent
7/6 c18 fraewyn
Loved it!
7/2 c1 Nathow
Fantastic writing on all your chapters well done please keep writing your marvellous work and please update very soon
7/1 c11 32Jake Crepeau
My youngest brother had a similar problem. It didn't help that they were teaching reading using the "whole language" approach, which meant simply memorizing words and how to spell them. Being the youngest in a family of high achievers who learned to read by the phonics method (which is much more successful)...well, let's just say I can really understand Ron's attitude.
7/1 c8 Jake Crepeau
I still suspect he kept them laced with a calming potion. Nothing worse than that. For a man juggling three positions, including dealing with a Minister who could drive anyone to drink, they would seem to be a necessity. Additionally, occasionally having to deal with arguing students and/or staff, they would help keep meetings on an even keel. ;D
6/18 c6 Brezer
this reads like a police report with a little dialogue thrown in. it is very dry.
6/15 c18 HoneyBear84
Loved it
5/26 c18 Rune Tobor
Nice alternate first book.

Look for Potter The Stone.

It is a crossover with Ranma 1/2.

And if I remember right deals with Tom once and for all in the first year.
5/26 c13 Rune Tobor
There is another fic that kinda redeems Snape.
It is a time travel fic where Harry uses the life debt to enslave the scum.
There is also a Japanese Water Dragon in the first task.

I run searches on Harry Potter facts quite often while reading fanfics.

One site listed 20 things bad but overlooked about Sirius.

(I am talking about Snape, why is the bully adored?)

Anyway, it is possible to redeem almost anyone IF you start EARLY ENOUGH.
For Tom I think you would have to start just after his birth.
The abuse in the orphanage marks Tom, and not for the better.
5/26 c11 Rune Tobor

Must be a Jedi thing because I am not sure what it means.

Maybe Google will know.

Oh and this is not the first fic I have read that has Hermione recognize a learning disability.

It is a new one tho, disgraphia.
5/26 c10 Rune Tobor
And If Dumbledork was as smart as others say he would ask advice about Harrys scar.

Stupidly keeping secrets that are need to know from others.

I have read that Rowling says(unverified by truth serum) that Snivelus redemption was planned from the start.

Evidence does not support her claim.

I severely doubt she could forsee the success of the first book and therefor had not planned much beyond it.

If she had then there would be fewer plot holes.
5/26 c8 Rune Tobor
Redeeming Snivelus?

It has been done, but not by Rowling.

There is a fic where Harry, a witch, and snivelus are sent back in time with memories.
After they died.
If I remember right Petunia is redeemed as well.
She has earth or nature magic in it.

Also see ROUNDABOUT DESTINY, for a good redemption of Sev and Regie.
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