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8/13 c1 Guest
Pls update
7/6 c20 Guest
Good story so far.
7/3 c19 Noname123
May i know why you aren't deleting your chapter about zeno? You made that chapter saying that you won't be updating the story anymore but you are still updating it.
Are these old chapters that you made that you are uploading or you just wanna keep the chapter there for fun?
7/3 c21 4Monster King
Good job please continue
7/3 c21 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Goku should not have his mercy from his Z self.

That's from Kami's training. Not Roshi's. Roshi offers clever tactics, not righteous combat. Just look at his techniques! "Thunder Shock SURPRISE!", "Afterimage", "Janken", and lastly, his mostly used attack against strong opponents: "Mafuuba". While Roshi did say that martial arts is only used for people in need, that was the usual martial arts doctrine to not hurt civilians unless provoked.

Kami teaches compassion. But the Ninja world where Goku is supposed to grow up in, and where Roshi was supposed to experience living in, doesn't offer goodie two shoes philosophy in what Kami gives.

And speaking of Kankuro, remember the time when I said that Goku could copy Jutsu's 1:1 with Ki? Ki strings has been shown. The pride trooper named K'nsi makes explosive Ki strings. A technique that Goku improved by making them smaller, as small as those tiny marble balls but more powerful.

Which brings us up to another point: Goku can improve Jutsu's (of course with his Ki instead of Chakra) with terrifying efficiency and power.

But I can see Goku letting Hinata take the W though. Mostly because Goku would understand that she needs to look strong in front of her clan.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't wanna have fun and let her win through giving up at the start of the fight.
6/23 c19 Monster King
Good job please continue
6/22 c17 Youknowkakarot
Lmao Goku just one shot that man like he was a fly tuffff
6/1 c1 tucansote
5/27 c20 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Hum hum hum. Now that you have pointed out other talking points that I have forgotten to put in my own input, yeah. In order for Goku to be a bit smarter than he was, he needs more than a month in the village to learn more as his mind isn't as simple as being a fighting and strategic genius, what he needed was education in his early days as Grandpa Gohan only gave him physical exercises, rendering Goku's early growth in power be rendered quite useless until Roshi.

I know that if you do make Goku learn, this will not make him an OC outright, as for me to deem a cannon characters an OC, that character needs to be doing something that is not within reason of his character. Like Sasuke suddenly turning into a morally good person after and then brooding next.

You making Goku learn and actually give him a character growth WITHIN REASON is a magic fanfic writers have. Which naturally would make OC and Character Growth be the two sides of the same coin because the two are almost the same. With the difference being is their distinctions.

So once you make Goku intelligent within reason, don't kick yourself because that is character development. You only have that right when you make Goku be as intelligent as Light Yagami for no reason, as that is OC.

Hopefully, the next fic will be more fun.
5/27 c19 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Neji being Neji telling Lee that he is superior because he's born in a higher position while also reprimanding the born to be highest positioned lady in the clan.

Anyway, back to my previous review because I was pooping at that time.

It's not that Kid Goku is stronger than everybody that aren't Kage level at least and should make him above all of them, but because Kid Goku's Ki control needs refinement that him being able to destroy the moon in the daizenshu years later after training with Kami speaks volumes of how important learning Ki control is.

Which means, Goku may have the power level required to destroy the moon like with Roshi, but Goku never mastered the Ki control required to make the Kamehameha blow it to smitherines like with Roshi's own.

Same thing with body builders and builders may have bigger muscles, but boxers trained to punch.

And a better way to look at it is looking at unmastered SSJ and mastered SSJ, as they are the clear cut demonstration of proper and improper Ki control.
5/27 c18 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
About the rant, Goku got Roshi's sunglasses when Tien unleashed his Solar Flare. It's not that Goku's not as fast as lightning, but Goku just can't keep bursting his speed up consistently.

Ki enhances physical condition too, but the weaker you are the bigger the drain obviously, and Roshi blowing up the moon was right before Roshi beat up Goku because Goku got shorter legs.

The thunder crown or whatever, was directly making thunder to hit Goku, and if you know electricity, then you should also know that they follow a path of protons and electrons. Which would also mean that Goku is not just dodging lightning, he is also dodging a homing projectile. With no speed decrease.

Not to mention, the Ki needed for him to safely tank the lightning would also be needed. Plus the training isn't for Goku to increase his speed, it's to increase his awareness and sharpen his reaction time.

King Piccolo saying he can destroy the world isn't just a conjecture. He can do so if (a strong IF) he's at full power. Reason? Earth is considered a small planet in Dragon ball standards as King Cold even mentioned that Earth's a small planet. The 10k power level requirement as said by the El Manga Legendario is Generalized to all sizes of planetary bodies.

The only reason why King Piccolo didn't outright blitzed everyone is simply because King Piccolo is a straight up full brute force.

Remember that all energy users needs to allocate their reserves to empower them. Getting hit, attacking, and defending, all consume power, which means Ki control or control in power in general and the right mindset to know what to do with that power is trivial.

That is what everyone is always forgetting when looking at Dragon Ball feats, or even energy feats in general. It's why some characters are slow in some and fast in others

This is also the reason why Master Roshi's perfected KamehameHa is far more devastating than Goku's. He perfectly mastered the perfect control needed for his invented attack.

Why Piccolo can fly faster without expending more Ki than others

Why Krillin has a super bright Solar Flare

Why Kid Goku has a light speed feat (because he spent his Ki on moving than defending, attacking, etc.)

Why Raditz can't just break through Goku's hold despite being near full power than Goku's near depleted state of Ki exhaustion.

Which is also why Goku is still getting constant Ki control training from multiple masters even now. It's not just all about launching a Ki blast, it's about perfecting it and knowing what to do with it.

People in Naruto meanwhile, has people practicing Chakra control in various ways that can make even Piccolo Daimao be dipped in shame. Goku learning energy control constantly would lead to Goku learning stuff like the Yardrat's Spirit Control to grow or spirit fission or even Spirit Control Cloning (which is 4 witches and Kagebunshin but with little to no Ki expenditure, which is absolutely terrifying, as that's 100 Goku's at full power)
5/26 c17 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Goku needs to learn a lot more stuff. Like Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade, Ki mines in the tournament of power, a Sword to pour Ki into and launch Ki energy waves with (preferably the executioner's blade for more energy to be allowed to put into it, plus it's regenerative. And Reckless is a Saiyan's broth), and a whole lot of plethora of stuff. Which also still includes having Ki versions of Chakra Jutsu's from copying people thanks to Goku's battle smarts.
5/26 c14 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
We need a report and see how high their mission became, because they fought off an Akatsuki, and killed him.

Not only that, where are Bulma's gifts? Goku's "precious" training items? His hoard of "Gold"? (Note: Training equipment)

Anyway, with Bulma quite literally witnessing team 7 fighting a world renown mercenary group filled with S rank nin as she is the smart ass, and her bountiful asset shows it is; she should be aware and would pay them a butt ton of Ryo that would set Goku three months of daily 3 meals a day.
5/26 c13 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Welp, if there's something positive from reading this depressing chapter is that Goku can be free to "explore", like a pink slip to build a clan, because he's not just a strong nin, but is also an extraterrestrial, a Ki user, and a very very VEEERRRRYYYY rare sentient specie that can strengthen the village.

Anyway, while I do sound like I'm fanboyi g around, we would also need to discuss something very important.

Sōn (the tailed beast) confirming that there are giant ape sage's down in a huge cave somewhere in the forest near Iwa.

And they're mostly isolated (mostly because Mr. King of the Sage Apes, Gōku of the Suiren Caves got through and stumbled upon them). Which means there's a huge chance that their chakra to Ki population ration may be equalized.

These gigantic apes could be themed around different nature energies. Like an Ape that is using Ki with Nature energy received through cold sources like Ice will look like a Yeti.

I know cannon only mentioned 3 Sage training grounds, but that's th grounds. Jiraiya had to reverse summon himself, Tsunade most likely stumbled upon the slugs, and Orochimaru found Jugo's clan and tracked down the snake sage.
5/26 c10 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
It's no use Goku, I don't know how long it has been but if it has already been a year, give up because Shenron at this time, only revives people a year after they died.

Unless Kami wished to be eternally young because everyone down on earth was downright evil or has evil deep in their hearts before to make Kami never give his position to anyone else unless a pure hearted soul climbs up.

Leading to the Dragon balls be super empowered that it can revive people over at least two years after they died.
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