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for American Dragon: The Third Evanescence

5/16 c14 ArtThemisLeijon
Al principio no sabia si darle la oportunidad a esta historia, UFF menos mal que si dí.
Pobre Jake :c
Ya espero ansiosamente la actualización.
Buen trabajo, la narrativa, las interacciones de los personajes, las acciones de cada personaje, los personajes en si, todo muy bien hecho. Es mejor que la serie.
5/13 c6 ArtThemisLeijon
Y la mala suerte sigue al joven dragón, sabia que Gramps haría ese sacrificio aunque pensé que seria más adelante. oh joder esto se siente como la serie original.
5/13 c4 ArtThemisLeijon
Literalmente el autor decidió agarrar todos los problemas que se podía encontrar y tirárselos a Jake como un tsunami ._.
5/12 c4 MAJORMATT1234
Loved the magical creatures scene. Very realistic... I know how that sounds, but you get it. Surprised to see rose too
5/10 c14 11OMAC001
Well, this is a particularly depressing chapter. Really hope the People don't get their way! (I'm of the opinion that they may represent a...different group of people in truth)
5/9 c14 10Samjok-o
The story is very interesting and completely different from any of the other fics I've read in this fandom. It's also very well written, immediate favorite from me.
5/8 c14 49Fudogg
Keep going.
5/7 c14 4dippingdots
oh my god, this keeps getting better - poor jake lol, I really hope he figures it out soon. The prospect of souls is SO interesting here and how he’s going to keep his humanity while taking down the people has me on the edge of my seat! can’t wait for the next update keep up the awesome work!
4/18 c13 11OMAC001
Well, when it rains, it pours!
4/17 c13 49Fudogg
Hmm, it seems the People using that machine on Jake has had an unforeseen effect on him.

And Rose is headed off to look into Huntsclan bases, I'm assuming. Very interesting. I hope a chapter is dedicated to it.

Keep going.
4/17 c13 4dippingdots
ahh omg i’m so excited! great chapter as always!
4/15 c12 WereCat-Yoruichi
This has been an amazing read. Everything about it from the writing, the characterization, the world building, the tensions, all amazing. I've been binge reading this the last couple days and I've never had a more enjoyable time avoiding assignments! Really though, I havnt thought about american dragon in years and didnt expect to come across a story so Incredible. On top of everything else your chapters are super long and have so much content, It's very exciting :) Also the ending of this chapter is going to kill me the next few days, just thinking about what's going to happen. Kudos, and thank you for the read! Cant wait to read your next chapter.
4/6 c12 11OMAC001
Oh CRUD! Hope Jackie boy can be saved!
4/6 c12 49Fudogg
That ending was really something intense. Keep updating, because I'm really interested to see what's going to happen now.
4/6 c12 4dippingdots
i’m super pumped youre getting chapters out quickly! every chapter brings new excitement and i’m so ready to see what you have in store for us - this fic is hands down one of my favorites ahhh
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